Several Terrorist Attacks in London: Terrorism Hits Sadiq Khan Land

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply They will keep kill the people of Europe, because the migrants need to make room for their mass migration. Room for rent signs will be going up soon. In the mean time keep paying your taxes while you wait for the chance to post your sincere regards again, while you hope it's no one you know or too close to home. News break the frequency and time between attacks is getting less and less and everyday they send out the boats to help more and more ISLAMIC terrorist cross the SEA with your TAX dollars. Hopefully the people that died today pre paid for their burial plot as the price is sure to rise rapidly, Funeral business reaps profits as UK death rate soars
  • ClimatePonziLie reply The biggest supporters and apologist for the ISLAMIC terrorist are women who championed ISLAM in the woman's march. Where is the so called wonder woman feminist standing up to the forces of evil. The message form the Amazon Queen of the Government of Germany. Ladies that were the target of murder and mass rape. GET USE TO IT said Merkel, are these the words of a leader. Where is your Wonder Women Merkel, is she hiding behind her walls and armed guards. The media coves up these attacks committed by this violent ISLAMIC invasion. Saying anything about Jihad is racist. "GET USE TO IT", quoted Wonder Woman as she put on her Burka. Look out wonder woman down. GET USE TO IT isn't the drivel of a empowered amazon kicking ass. Will anyone stand up to ISLAM, WHILE there still free to do so. There was none just a lot of screaming girls running from the concert in England. Why run just GET USE TO IT. Islamic crime continues to climb GET USE TO IT. German and French embassy attacked in Afghanistan...more 90 murdered and 460 injured, ARE YOU USE TO IT YET. Are you ready to stand up yet or have you decided to join Islam and put on your Burka. The media covers up over 4000 child rape cases in England are you getting USE TO IT YET.. But your courts attack and prosecutes real patriots standing up to these ISLAMIC rapist. Tommy Robinson: The truth about my 4 a.m. arrest
  • ClimatePonziLie reply June 3, 2017 Opps they did it again in England Multiple ISIS: London Bridge Attack June 3, 2017 Afghanistan funeral attacked from previous Teliban attack on German Embassy. June 1, 2017 Now confirmed 35 dead 25 wounded ISIS attack on Resorts World Manila May 31, 2017 German embassy Kabul: at least 90 killed 460 injured by massive car bomb in diplomatic quarter May 30, 2017 Video shows moment an ISIS car bomb exploded in Baghdad tonight May 26, 2017 BREAKING: Slaughter of 28 Coptic Christians in Egypt- Media Silent May 23, 2017 Ariana Grande Concert 22 murdered and 59 injured. Manchester Terror Attack : My Thoughts | The Millennial Revolt
  • wolfalexzemla reply Hell just import some more idiot muzzies. wtf
  • AngelofSorrow reply Wouldn't matter even if I was in the U.K or not. They wouldn't stop me from speaking out against Islam. To hell with both the government and the left.
  • SC87Returns reply The UK is going down and I live in the UK.
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