Top 5 Reasons Why I still Play The Division

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  • [ – ] LevelVision reply Hey thanks for watch! @JinxCanada yeah i'm really enjoying the game so much i'm buying it again on PC
    • [ – ] JinxCanada parent reply If you need tips check me out on youtube as well. I make build videos and stream. Same name JinxCanada on there
  • JinxCanada reply I still play this game daily. nice video man
  • LevelVision reply @CoolKidCroc Yeah like the beginning of the game it was dead, Ubisoft played us all though, but I do enjoy the changes of the game now.
  • CoolKidCroc reply I got it off a friend and didn't really care for the game. I was excited for it but the enemies were just bullet sponges tbh. it wasn't hard seeing as the AI was pretty bad at launch, it was really just waste time shooting. I think you could lower the difficulty but i would've rathered just have smart AI.
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