Rude Fish | Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Episode 9 | Mister Shots

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  • [ – ] GHondo reply 2:10 - A minute is a long time, but remember perception has a big impact. If you were looking to disarm a bomb, that minute will seem to fly by... 5:20 - The build-up to the fish-eater joke ruined it. Shame! I'm sure it was going to be quite funny. 8:58 - Do you really need to ask what her motivation for coming in here is, when there is a giant phallic symbol dangling from the ceiling? :) 9:51 - Turkey slap? :) 18:55 - Maybe she wasn't coming on to you, but maybe it was time for your Happy Ending? :) Oh, maybe not - she's decided she's marrying you. Stalker alert! On the other hand, I've always heard that crazy chicks are the best, so.... Hmmmm. :)
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