Antifa, Google, MSM, Trump

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  • [ – ] weiggie66 reply I thought of a new funny nickname for you: the "Mousetrap". Because you kill your computer mice.
    • sowhat_vid_me parent reply xD, yeah, I am clumsy. I spilled beer all over my keadboard and mouse, because I had to laugh about a funny video somebody else made. Everything is sticky now.
  • [ – ] weiggie66 reply You may disagree but I'm convinced after watching all the video footage that this car crash was a hoax. Nobody can be seen actually hit by the vehicles and there are no verifiable injuries. I'll tell you another reason I think the car crash was a hoax. No man is going to wreck his beautiful dodge challenger into a bunch of innocent people and tear up his hard earned car. Men care too much about their cars. People need to get real and stop believing what they see on the TV. If Hollywood can make movies that are extremely realistic then they can easily make news stories to motivate and stir division.
    • [ – ] sowhat_vid_me parent reply I do of course not know what happened. I personally think that the girl died and that lots of people were injured. But the way how the patriots and nationalists were funneled into this street is suspicious. The police stood down and the Antifa were allowed to attack. That is why I also believe that some things were staged. It is also suspicious how fast all of the MSM were to publish pictures and knew every single detail about that driver. I think it was a deep state operation.
  • [ – ] AndyOch reply This is just simple math. For instance, every time that I go to a grocer, all of the white people can be counted on one hand. There are hundreds of people shopping and only a <5 whites. America is getting dark fast! The colleges told us that having children that we cannot afford to school is wrong! While the Africoans have had 10! This is America is getting dark fast. Be thankful that they took all of the low wage jobs. Be thankful that Obama stood them up on their feet! Now we can lay back and draw welfare and Fuc like rabbits!
    • sowhat_vid_me parent reply Thank you for these links. Wow, the "people of Walmart". I did not know about that. I think these people have somehow been made angry by the MSM.
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