Unigine Valley Demo | Shot with GeForce GTX

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  • [ – ] ThePrincessNeshh reply Amazing!!! 🙌
    • Ms_K parent reply Thx sis.my nerdism is kicking in....lolz! Been stress testing the hell out of this PC,next up is a 4K monitor....
  • [ – ] WORKBIRDY reply That's hella dope know you got one of tge best pc in gaming right now!!! Vr next
    • Ms_K parent reply And guess what VR is something I can play w/this GPU as well...I can't say I won't try it....
  • Ms_K reply I know it may be boring for some, but I had to capture the Benchmark from the EVGA GeForce 1080Ti Black Edition sc GPU.
  • [ – ] ChariotMan reply The graphics is looking mad dope. Amazing!
  • [ – ] funnybullray reply the graphics are amazing
    • Ms_K parent reply @r2funnyofficial ,yes i was like whoa, ad this was on a 1080p display, wait until i get the 4k monitor,geesh.i'm gonna be geeked out...
  • [ – ] Mister_Shots reply I was geeking out the whole video. Thanks for the trip haha
  • [ – ] RaysSportsGaming reply @Ms_K Awesome Graphics. Running smoothly. UNREAL is going to be a big thing as soon as developers learn how to work it efficiently.
    • Ms_K parent reply thanks and yes look forward to devs capitalizing on these GPU's.hardware is LIT right now so much to choose from, now it's up to the devs to push it forward w/the games
  • [ – ] DevilHasRisen40 reply That is some really nice scenery
  • [ – ] SilentGamer reply STUNNING!!! I knew this benchmark it is amazing :) And your computer is a real beast, we can tell :)
  • [ – ] LegendGary323 reply Nice! congrats on the build. I am also using an EVGA 1080ti but mine is the SC2. Enjoy that beast of a graphics card.
    • [ – ] Ms_K parent reply @LegendGary323 thx fam.MainGear did exactly what I asked of them.I was w/them in every step of the build, all they did was the manual part,lol...these cards are dope.What u think about the threadripper??
      • [ – ] LegendGary323 parent reply Yeah maingear i hear takes care of their costumers well. I have been an intel guy for years now and with threadripper i have to give credit where credit is due, that thing is a beast. AMD came out swinging with the ryzen launches.
        • Ms_K parent reply yes indeed,I'm not counting intel out tho, both them and AMD make dope processors,compretition is always good for us as gamers....And yes Maingear treats it customers right, they stress test this pc and everything came back a ok!
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