BREAKING NEWS-Car Runs Into Protesters in Charlottesville

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  • [ – ] Menexus reply Did they surround the car and scare the driver or was it malicious? Did they apprehend the driver? I wish we had more information!
    • [ – ] Patrick_Hostis parent reply Fox News is now saying it was a coordinated attack perpetrated by some kind of White Supremacists group.
      • [ – ] Menexus parent reply Oh great... just give the far left more stones to pelt us with and more victimization to recruit with. This is really sad.
        • [ – ] Patrick_Hostis parent reply It is...very tragic.
          • [ – ] Menexus parent reply I just saw the fox news clip, I'm skeptical of what the witness claims. It does look deliberate because the car wasn't surrounded when it accelerated, but there is a chance it could be another "poop swastika" scenario.
            • [ – ] Patrick_Hostis parent reply I agree, 100%
              • Menexus parent reply So far looking like James Alex Fields was actually on the right. His mother said he told her he was going to an alt-right event, he was also dressed in a khaki pant + white shirt uniform like a few other that were marching. ...and to think this was all over a silly bronze bust. fml.
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