Ghost Appears In Dance Studio Mirror

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  • [ – ] Hoshi-Hana reply That's not normal, Lol. Seriously creepy. I hope it's an edit but I dunno why people would do it as a prank :(
    • [ – ] Orginaljun parent reply Just to get views, subs and also trauma people for the rest of their lives :(
      • [ – ] Hoshi-Hana parent reply True. You're right about that. There will always be scam artists and generel rotten people
        • Orginaljun parent reply Also i do believe its a edit, because why do they not show the full recording? :S. They have obtained the video, so why not show what happens to that mirror ghost after she ran away. Most ghost video's always stops at crucial moments to determine whether its real or not. They stop at that moment, because it takes more work to edit the video. Any longer editing and people will have thoughts of fake edits. I do believe in ghost and that's why never move to a cursed/ ghost house or anything related >_<
  • Anonymous_Gamer reply Just creepy either way!
  • [ – ] BlackbirdFrost reply With a fixed camera, it would be incredibly easy to edit this video to be like this. I could do this edit in 15 minutes on my home PC, clarity and all! ...of course rendering it would take another hour XD
    • BlackbirdFrost parent reply 1) Shoot 2 separate vids. Since the camera is fixed in place they can be lined up perfectly in editing. 2) Place the one where the reflection moves (top) on top of the other in your timeline (bottom). 3) Create a mask that makes all but the mirror portion of the "top" video is invisible so that it overlaps the mirror in the "bottom" video. This is pretty easy to accomplish using filters in Premiere Pro. 4) Set the opacity of the "top" video to 0, along with a keyframe that makes it 100 at the time when the reflection starts to move. The transition will be seamless thanks to the two videos being otherwise identical what with the fixed camera. 5) Render and troll the internet.
  • Timberwolf reply Dude, that's creepy.
  • JustABloke reply Yep I think so too, too clear not to be a set up in my opinion.
  • MosleyBoxing reply Cool, brother! I like those subjects: UFO's & Deep sea under water mysteries. I'll turn on notifications so I get it later! 👍💯
  • CryptoAndMarkets reply FREEEEEEEEEEAKY! If that happened to me I'd crap myself on the spot haha. Or skip a heartbeat at least
  • Aaronshy reply Reminds me of the fake grudge girl in mirror vid.
  • TheGhostWatch reply Nice video. I believe the video is fake, but it is creepy and well done. If it so happens to turn out real, then wtf o_0
  • Orginaljun reply Yes i do believe in ghost, but most video's out there and also this mirror ghost is blurry. So far i have never seen a hd quality ghost video that is clear and crisp, not even alone 480p. i do believe in multiple dimensions and yes each of us have a spirit soul within us. I mean like without a soul it's like pinokkio without emotions.
  • arrghgarry reply it is a trick of course
  • MosleyBoxing reply I hope it's edited, because if not... it's weird AF!
  • YourSugoiStrwbry reply *sees a ghosty goo* Screw you guys, I'm going home.
  • wearegods reply It's creepy, but I don't believe it. Most paranormal videos are usually like "OMG WTF is that? Quick, grab that potato and shake it violently"
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