Has Sonic Lost His Cool? | Sonic The Documentary [1]

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  • akatheSkay reply Some food for thought: there's over 10 different versions of the sonic universe and at best SEGA has kept tabs on 2/3rds of them... AND THAT'S ME BEING GENEROUS! Re: "if you have time to worry then run" I believe that was just a bad translation. It was designed more to say something like face fear but using a running AT fear analogy. Re: Sonic X for every cool thing that happens, about 8 shitty/wtf moments happen... on the 4kids dub at least
  • PLAYER_WITH_POWER reply Sonic was cool up until maybe Sonic Adventure
  • [ – ] Stamasian reply One thing I would love to see explored is the Japanese Sonic story. That way the modern games would make sense. I remember when everyone was confused during the Dreamcast days saying "I thought Sonic lived on Mobius". No, he didn't. That was American Sonic.
    • [ – ] TheGamingPsychologist parent reply That's true, but as we had already got that consistency for the past ten years then it should have been kept. Even the comics were still calling the planet möbius until very recently.
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