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  • yourvagismysafespace reply I loved the original, thought that the empire strikes back was ehh, & only watched return of the Jedi out of morbid curiosity. Fuck ewoks! Couldn't care less about anything that came after, & only caught bits and pieces while channel surfing. The lure of the original wasn't the story but the effects. They were beyond anything that had come before. By the time tesb reached the big screen, a lot of the Star wars "WOW factor" had been copied by others & they had lost some luster. The 3rd film was solely targeted at the toddler market with those damn ewoks. As I've said before fuck ewoks! Star trek fans have a totally different cross to bear. The spin-offs were their own separate entities, the movies using the original cast were what Serenity was to Firefly fanatics, the next generation was also it's own story & they threw their fans a movie too. The reboot of the original franchise kept the original characters, though they dabbled in the history to set up the 1st movie. I would c...morehoose a new star trek film over the bastardization of Star wars they're pushing today. P.S. fuck ewoks!
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