Why Peach Beach Splash Was Nearly Banned In Germany | CG News

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  • [ – ] PaperJack reply I don't Ithink 've completely get it: in all Europe Peach Beach is rated 18+, but in Germany (which is the stricter of all countries in videogame matters) it was almost censored? Well, it sucks being a german.
    • YamiryuuZero parent reply Germany has a very strict bias against video games, and the German government panders to leftist propaganda and social justice warriors, meaning they'll tackle video games with the utmost despise towards them. Yes, sucks to be german. Glad I am not! (But I'm stuck in Brazil, which is arguably worse)
  • Envy-Noson reply And the Germans are wondering why the stigma of people viewing them as generally as less fun to be around is still strong.
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