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  • 93cummings1 reply Hi Gabe, The problem with class action law suits, is they take a minimum of 5 years to settle, I went through one and I am still waiting on the other one, five going on 6 years, these criminal organization's like google, facebook and utube have a ton of dough and nothing but time, unfortunately!!!
  • HELLTOPAY reply I call Zuckerberg "Dink" because he is one lame ass little fucker. And his Chinese wife is "Chink."'s bad beer🍺 and unloading on Dink & Chink the worst pieces of shit next to Oprah with her 🍺 "nigger or nobody" agenda and who watered her sprawling lawn during a draught; 🍺 Bill Gates who can take his global plans and unimportant eccentricity and shove them up his ass; 🍺 Elon Musk who can take a rocket ride to Mars and never come back—hopefully he'll explode in mid-air; and Martin Shkreli, the "Pharma, but Karma" will get you boy for raising the price of AIDS meds from $13 to a whopping $750 a pill. And that's just one of unapologetic rate hikes for the sick. People are dying and our country is in need of help. None of them give a shit about anyone but themselves. Here's another frosty bad beer 🍺 to every spoiled piece of shit globalist billionaire, unmentioned, who is headed straight to prayers for you, assholes. Congrats! 🍺 You've outdone yourse...morelves before God. And another frosty up high 🍺 to "not giving a fuck about Zuck" who has it coming, first. Jesus said, "you will know them by their fruits."
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