Life in The Past Was Awful & Gross. Here's Why...

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  • duffy reply life is still painful and gross.
  • Dezmounts reply I though he said "Hi fousy tube here"
  • olbenkenobi reply "At least you're not a slave to some Lord or Emperor", HAHAHA priceless! Now go take a trip to Liberia, Guinea, Ethiopia, Nambia, Niger or Berundi and see how far humanity's come.
  • LYSERGICWORLD reply while I would never want to trade my present for living in the past at least the air was clean....outside the cities. I feel it should be mentioned that in California every single river, creek, stream, pond, lake and well is now contaminated with the cancerous MTBE chemical put in gasoline. The EPA had said it was dangerous to people if it exceeded 1 part per billion, after testing and finding the lowest levels in California's water supplies was around 3 parts per billion their brilliant solution was to just change the numbers so that now it's dangerous to people if it exceeds 4 parts per billion. Thanks EPA, great job.
  • Sk8Betty reply New to Vidme long time fan. Suggestions for any other good vid makers appreciated. I have a few uploaded already. Cheers
  • Octotiggy reply The thumbnail for this video kinda makes it look like you interrupted a room of dudes having a wonderful dinner.
  • avideo4u reply Funny and interesting. Great effort
  • LVLWON reply Mmmm the smell
  • wheeper reply this video was very good 💪🏻 time to go and take a shit in my toilet
  • Satori_Graphics reply Followed you over on YT for a while, glad to see you are doing well here too!
  • edmsquad reply Thoughty2 always got the sick vids!! :D <3
  • solarpete reply I like your content. Check out solarpete
  • 1Source reply Had to shovel snow today it was absolutely horrible! Took almost 25 minutes. And you said they had it tough then.
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