'Hi and Lois' Analysis

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  • [ – ] PorkCow reply I loved your analysis of how Hi and Lois started out as a criticism of the Viet Minh taking over Vietnam, but later criticized American Colonialism as we were losing the war. To the casual reader, this looked like political opportunism or backtracking, because people didn't realize the fair and balanced punditry and satire that was happening beneath the surface. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But you got some facts wrong about the Beetle Bailey finale, and it's not even really you're fault. I had to look up the old strips in the library, as this is one of the few instances of Wikipedia falling victim to the Mandela effect. Brian and Greg Walker were brilliant at manipulating reader expectations, right down to giving Lois' brother, Beetle, his own spin-off comic only to kill off the character after only eight strips. This, combined with the expert use of political motifs, made his death was so unexpected an...mored artful that most people remember seeing his flaming, dismembered corpse in newspapers despite his final moments never having been drawn at all. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was sad to see Hi and Lois get canceled after only 4 years, but it will live on as the greatest graphic novel and philosophical discourse this country has ever produced.
    • FlumpyTripod parent reply For some reason vidme didn't inform me that this glorious comment existed. I just found this. --------------------------------------------------- While I do respect your authority on everything Hi and Lois, I must disagree with your points about Vietnam. It is clearly a statement on the battle between North and South Korea as Lois and Hi are clearly representational of these two cultures and their constant battle for dominance over the household.
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