Anti-White RACISM White Privilege - WE Ain't Gonna Take It No More

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  • [ – ] TheWolfAmongSheep reply Apparently I am literally Hitler, I just shaved my mustache and grew long
  • [ – ] ScammerRevolts reply 100% true people think they can say whatever they want and cry for equality but wont go both ways.
  • [ – ] QueenLaZeefa reply Racism is obviously not okay either way. Minorities people can be racist just like everyone else. Everyone should be treated equally like human beings. Because that's what we are. While I don't agree with Muslim beliefs, as Long as they accept our laws I'm sure we can all get along. Color/race doesn't matter in my eyes. It's about character and strength of will to want to succeed. I definitely understand your anger mate. Blaming everything on whites is getting out of control. Pointing fingers isn't the way. Working together to find the solution to our nations problems is.
  • [ – ] NadderHed reply I want to clarify. These people are Progressives, they are NOT Liberals. Or at least they don't care about Liberal principles.
    • KultovKristofer parent reply If you are referring to Classical Liberals I will agree with you - but "liberals" who support the Obamas & the Clintons are honestly no difference, in my mind than a progressive.
  • [ – ] OpulentMiracle reply "The left in this country are bringing about the white nationalism" YOU SAID IT
    • KultovKristofer parent reply They are creating an environment where White People are being pushed into a corner and we have no choice but to stand up and defend ourselves and our rights!
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply I see it, you see it, lots of people see it, the sad thing is, no-one is doing anything about it. Exposure, triggering, ranting, violence, blaming and shit loads more problems is exactly what their goal is. They steer you away from what hurt them the most. They lost. Now they have nothing to lose. I'm not American but I really do feel bad for what is happening to the whole nation.
    • KultovKristofer parent reply Well what we can do is expose it - Like I am trying to do here, like others have done elsewhere - and stand up and say we ain't gonna take it no more! Thank you for watching! Please share if you can.
  • MissAnthropy reply Great video 👌👌👌
  • ESKORBUTOSTOPCHEMTRAILSMADRIZ reply stop racism sharp united!!!
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