SPEAK UP! My Story about Anxiety.

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  • [ – ] MaitreMarkScully reply You may think I am crazy but I have a theory that everyone finds crazy until they think about it deeply. OK, so, here it goes - Smiling and laughter lead to depression and anxiety. For 5000 years of human history laughter and smiling were only associated with anger, violence and death. Read anything written by the ancient Greeks, the Romans or the middle ages. Laughter is never associated with happiness. The bible is the same. Smiling as a greeting can be found for the first time in human history in Paris 1702, young fops would greet each other with a smile - this caused outrage and can be read about in news paper articles, sermons and letters. People would flee in terror when they saw smiling in the streets because they feared a fight. It took a long time to gain acceptance in Greater Europe. There is much more to this - Russian people smile the least and Russia has less than 1% depression, the laughing West has an epidemic of depression and anxiety. Think of any joke, the '...morepunch' line is always unpleasant. Each time you laugh, think why? And when you think about it... well, I avoid laughter and smiling and have noticed that the people who laugh the most are depressed. How many comedians have killed themselves?
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