Why X-Men Apocalypse Was A Letdown

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  • [ – ] metalhusky reply oi, broski, youtube is experiencing an apocalypse right now, dailymotion is also a bunch of cunts, belive me, i just deleted my account there, they gave me shit for guitar covers, sadly, so vidme it is then, aye.
    • [ – ] weekendwarrior parent reply For covers? Really? Fuuuuuuuuuck
      • [ – ] metalhusky parent reply yeah, i mean youtube is placing ad's on my covers and shares the money with the labels that own the songs and i am totally ok with that, because the videos stay up and that's all i want, for people to see them and get feedback. But on Dailymotion they straight up delete them and send emails threatening "don't you dare uploading copyrighted shit in any way..." Probably the funniest thing is that they send threat emails in german and ask to reply, i reply in german and they come back witch "we don't understand german, can you write in english or french"... idiots.
  • [ – ] pureblackfire reply movie was worse than bad, it was straight up mediocre. which in a way makes it bad. it was the second comic book movie to ever put me to sleep.
  • [ – ] MeleeMaster_MAA reply Hahaha What a story Mark.
  • [ – ] MakeCrap reply I hate how weak they made Apocalypse... Apocalypse is a God.
  • [ – ] StonerVenue reply You're right it was shit, anyway I got a question, have u seen ''Legion'' the new x-men(ish) series?http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5114356/
    • [ – ] weekendwarrior parent reply That I have not mang, what are your impressions so far?
      • StonerVenue parent reply The CGI is quite bad, acting is alright, but man the story, THE FUCKING STORY IS AMAZING, it's some inception shit that fucks with ur brain, if you're into that, you should watch it.
  • [ – ] hxnr01 reply Your are qt QT
  • Pondy reply I think you covered it pretty well. I've been thinking about my own version of this film for a while now and the big issue with this movie is that it doesn't capitalize on anything; it doesn't take advantage of the period setting the way the other two films did, its theme song about faith aren't explored as well as they could be, and the first two hours are just set up set up set up without anything thrusting the story forward until the Mansion blows up. I know an Xmen movie is supposed to be an ensemble piece, but it's also glaring that there's no real main character. If this is a character driven story, whose arc are we supposed to be following?
  • [ – ] MackenzieLambert reply What cracks me up about Olivia Munn is that she turned down the gf role in Deadpool in favor of Apocalypse. How'd that work out for her?
  • untseac reply The android app could be better but I'm getting sick of youtube
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