Mass Effect: Andromeda - Episode 16

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  • dadplaysvideogames reply It's a pleasure :9. I think that it is as you say a good game. I like the feeling of people counting on you that you get when you have to look for a home for the travelers. Plus the wonky animations, i really think it is not as bad as the internet drama machine makes it. All in all it is a solid game that i hope to finish soon.
  • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep reply Thanks for uploading your gameplay of this game!!! To be honest, I don't mind it as bad as people say it is. Yes, some of the animations are wonky; the script is very inconsistent. But overall, things do pick up at the end. People forget that ME1 wasn't that great either and had some bugs, but the whole series is solid. I think this might be the case with Andromeda too if they ever plan to expand it, you know?! :D What are your opinions on Andromeda from playing it! I'll come and find you on YouTube! Love your Let's Plays videos!
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