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  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply I've never actually had that problem with the app. Have you asked tech support about It? I've contacted tech support about the not loading thing on the desktop and it has to do with the browser. They are working non-stop to make sure that gets fixed so they are aware of it. I believe the uploading thing happens when so many people are uploading at the same time. They're working on that too. It's not going to be perfect all the time but they're getting there. I agree that they do need to work on the algorithm for the trending feed but this has already been addressed and... well, they said something... I'm really tired and I can't remember exactly what they said... I'll get back to you on that. Views don't really matter to me.. I prefer engagement.. But i know other it does matter to others. Maybe they can make a page for "most viewed today" or something. Ah! The dreaded fly-by upvotes. Yeah, that's disheartening... like I said, I prefer engagement. Not fake upvotes. Good Lord! Genitals...more?! If you're going to spam me, bring me some eggs first dammit!!! Sorry.. had to.. I'm done lol
  • mcstacky reply If you're having issues with the app. Please email us at Specify which device, OS version, and app version you're using and we'll look into it. We're a small mobile team (of two), and rely a lot on you guys to help us iron out some of the edges.
  • YourBoiReezy reply Weird that this doesnt happen to most people lul
  • BrianAiya reply Yea, i have the android app, but i still prefer to use the desktop version, however i hope i can go full mobile, since 80% of content are consumed in mobile. These are technical issues that i am sure they are working on it. Also i have to disagree that trending should be based on views, that's why YT stop basing videos on views because of the clickbait. There are people who spam upvote, but i think engagement and upvotes are a better than basing trending on views. Yea, the fly by upvote spam is annoying and i hope that people can't upvote a video without clicking on the video 1st. Atleast to see how many upvotes the video have from the page, but not being able to upvote it unless you are on the page of the video. Good points.
  • JustHypeVibe reply Hmmm that's odd I haven't got any issue with the vidme app. 👍 Btw you have updated the version to its latest?
  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply All good points! Did you contact the Vidme staff at their feedback email? It's on this page: They are open to suggestions. Also, if you get spam, then let Vidme know and they will deal with it.
  • [ – ] BrokeMansPC reply Why do people keep forgetting that is being run by 12 people? First of all, even though this site is small in contrast to youtube it still has a lot of videos to manage. One video platform has to handle at least a PETABYTE of videos (1000 TB's for your interest). Also considering the limitations of not being one of the giant tech companies who have near unlimited bandwidth (ahem, Google).
    • [ – ] CryptoAndMarkets parent reply They should hire more people if they're bigger and now overloaded. Fault of Vidme and noone else
      • [ – ] BrokeMansPC parent reply Hahahahah! Running a video site without ads typically doesn't bring in a lot of profit. Unless incorporates ads in the videos or small ad banners on the site they are probably stretching their budget.
        • [ – ] CryptoAndMarkets parent reply They get transaction fees on all the tips and subscriptions
          • BrokeMansPC parent reply They only take 1% from tips, most people only donate 1-2$ so thats 10 to 20 cents. You can't even buy a piece of gum with that money let alone pay a guy to maintain this platform, if we say that about 10,000 people tip every day thats about 100$ per day, now if it was split between the employees that would be way below minimum wage.
  • EPIC-BLASIAN reply A new vlogger here. 😀 I don't have any of the loading issues on my cell or computer. What cell company are you using? 😜 Good info as far as the rest was concerned 👍
  • LordeLogic reply I have never had to wait to watch a video, but I do agree with you that they need to be more creative.
  • therealdomingo reply Things are good with me.
  • SaharaMist reply I have problems with the app as well and I have noticed the genital pictures, but that doesn't really irritate me though it is disturbing to think kids can view that. And the spam thing is annoying. I enjoy watching other peoples' videos and engaging in them with upvotes if I truly enjoyed them, but I don't want fake views or upvotes. I don't get paid for my videos and don't want to get paid. I upload for the hell of it, because I want to laugh and hopefully make others laugh too. I love your points in this video and hopefully someone will take notice.
  • [ – ] DanielHuntington reply I had no problems loading videos on my laptop from what I remember. :/ I guess people are having different experiences with loading here.
    • [ – ] DanielHuntington parent reply Also, I have been having trouble growing my channel, which is essentially intended to have a variety of content that I'm personally passionate on, so if you have advice on how to make it grow, that would be great. Thanks.
      • [ – ] cruzando parent reply I watched some of your videos my tips for you would be on the game plays try to add some commentary so when people click they can see your personality that'll help a ton and create more atractive thumbnails like see how mine all have a trend for the most part? For the emperor game you could find a cool shot from of It from Google and then on the thumbnail you could put some cool font saying what part you're on in the series and there's a website called font meme they have the best fonts they'll generate it as a png then you save the image and put it on your thumbnail if you're making it in photoshop I believe as of right now those are the main things you're lacking like your rant was entertaining and you had solid game play that didn't drop in resolution so if you do what I suggest you'll definitely see an increase in followers and views :)
  • katburns reply I've definitely had a few friends mention that the video doesn't load when I send them a video to watch on mobile.
  • [ – ] Sazik reply "I am a video game major" I'm dying laughing
  • [ – ] Kyoko reply I'm struggling with the upload-limit. All my videos are big and I reach the limit superfast. But I want to upload more in a week. That's why I upload via url until the limit gets higher and higher (hopefully). They really need to fix this if they want more content creators to use vidme aswell.
    • [ – ] AnimeReviews parent reply Use handbrake or another video conversion software to make your file sizes smaller so you can upload more despite the upload limit.
    • [ – ] cruzando parent reply You should apply for verified as soon as you can man I think they said that they had to do that for new people to keep cost down
      • Kyoko parent reply I already applied and they said I can't get verified. So I'm stuck. Got me really discouraged.
  • bxcope reply nothing uploads on site when you are on fb or other social media, links that do not load links, plus views no# aren't being real. Everything being said is true, so much vidporn, makes me wonder if Pedos get off, being a young croud and all. Peace and Be Safe!!!
  • MrJoelDee reply Sorry you're having problems with Vidme vids loading. Other than maybe one isolated incident, I've never had that problem on my phone or my computer.
  • [ – ] Kentantino reply Never had a problem with the mobile app plus they say that they will deal with the app to let them know what are the problems via email. It seem you the only one with all those issue bro. Beside that you are correct on the hot page now with the upvote that gonna be hard cuz we are still small. porn on vidme good luck stoping that basicly imposible to do when you have to many people uploding at the same time.
    • Kentantino parent reply For last to end my comment here that follow for follow is not making you look soo good bruh. You talk about le views but look on what you doing follow for follow like crazy.......yeah.
  • GoMGTOW reply Vidme's search options suck as well. Every time I search for a channel it gives me a list of unrelated channels? WTF is that??? I run a MGTOW public service podcast channel, I don't do it for profit, but more so as a service to my community. I find myself having to list all the channels to my community on my channel just so we can find eachother. It's a bitch and a half bro.
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