Angry Man Goes Off on Welfare Teets After Seeing Them Buy Scratch Tickets

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  • ErinAlexis reply Thanks for the heads up @crankydragon Sound is fixed, and I got to hear it in all its glory. Wow.. Who is this guy? Clearly has way to much time on his hands..
  • crankydragon reply @ErinAlexis The sound breaking was my fault :(, but it should be fixed now. Let us know if you keep seeing the problem.
  • Videl reply i just gotta say wether these people are abusing welfare or not the guy acts like people aren't allowed to have welfare and cash.
  • SackOs reply Mmm old fashioned confrontations in supermarket parking lots. I miss those days.
  • ErinAlexis reply Well, since there was no sound, I can only interpret that as him asking if they had any drugs, and then deciding to settle for pork.. Seems logical.
  • AToltz reply AND PAJAMA PANTS??????????
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