A prayer that works - Open and Close Doors - EP 4

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  • Star_Wars6collector reply and if you have lower back pain I have a video on how to fix that as well
  • Star_Wars6collector reply you need to be taking organic honey in your tea every day because if you have zits it is a sign that you might have MRSA bad bacteria and doctors don't help much, I have a video I did on it, I hope you watch it because organic honey does help to fight off bad bacteria, 60% or more people have it and don't even know it, my gallstones where removed and they could not tell me why they where inflamed in the first place, so I looked into it and found the reasoning behind all my organs getting attacked is clearly a sign of MRSA because it gets into the blood stream, as well if you had planters warts that might be the cause of the bacterial infection but no one has the answer, seeing the stye on your eye might be another indication of warts in your blood or MRSA, I used an electronic wart remover for skin tags and that works great as well as on any planters warts, polysporin works for the stye in your eye lid, hope that helps
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