Sick Pedophile Is Back On Youtube!

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  • Castielthesexyspacechicken reply This guy is scum, I hope he didn't get to permanently screw up too many kids before they caught him.
  • Dragoninkmusic reply Sick fuck is gonna die in prison! And he WILL go to prison! As a pedophile currently under investigation for child pornography and still going through the courts, it is ILLEGAL for him to even ACCESS the internet let alone post videos to a fucking YouTube channel! Sick fucking fuck! Christ I HATE fucking kiddy touchers! Ran over. If anyone knows this sick fucks channel address immediately report it to the police, he is never getting outta prison
  • Castielthesexyspacechicken reply Did anybody else know he did a video trying to explain that Islam is not about baby raping and child marriage,,, saw a great responses video from Tyler the black guy on YouTube. He's totally into Islam, big surprise right? *Both hands face palm*
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