Where Do You Watch Your #Anime & Why? #discussion

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  • Firestar9114 reply 9anime, nwanime, animeseason, crunchyroll. as far as I know from those only crunchyroll is legal. crunchy roll bugs out for me unfortunately. I can rarely stream a whole video straight through. I think it's due to how it handles ads. unless I use an adblocker it crashes the page when it plays adds 1/3 of the time. it make the site unusable unfortunately. plus you have to wait for the ads to buffer. like, especially when they play the same ad 5 times in a row you would think they could either prebuffer or just replay the ad. it's annoying. especially when it times out waiting for the ad to buffer and then the whole video stream requires a page refresh. Their implementation simply sucks.
  • Triggerfinger19 reply I watch anime on 9anime because the stream there is less lacky and is at least more stable then kissanime always crashing
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