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  • [ – ] StoriesFablesGhostlyTales reply Yeahaar mate, great to see you on here :D Loved the narration mate.
  • [ – ] Rawman reply Wow that story about the children's teeth was super creepy!!!! Wow!!!! Congratulations on reaching 100.
    • [ – ] DevinSeviyn parent reply lol. I got to a little over 200 subs on YouTube, so this video is a little dated. I've got some really interesting shit in the works right now and it's gonna take a little time, but in the meantime I figured I'd upload some of my favorite videos from my YouTube channel every now and again until the exclusives roll in. It kinda feels cheap and dirty to do that, but I don't wanna leave you guys without.
      • [ – ] Rawman parent reply Nah it's not cheap! I had to do it my self at the start because I liked the videos and I didn't wanna waste all my content at one time and then be taken weeks off like I'm doing now lol. But still being active in the community people realise you haven't quit.
        • [ – ] DevinSeviyn parent reply Thanks man. I'm also a bit worried too. Mr CreepyPasta and Be.Busta are on here, so I'm worried that people with that magnitude of a following will overshadow the smaller horror creators. Also, even though a gaming channel was the first type of channel I wanted to do back before Google owned YouTube, I kind of feel like that's the only way I'm gonna get a leg up. Look at my videos. Which one has the most upvotes and views? lol
          • Rawman parent reply Reach out to them and ask for advice or tips on how to not get overshadowed. It is a concern we have all had on this platform and we continue to support each other and be a community that is all we can do and hope no one gets left behind. It's true that gaming videos do well and I see what you mean but don't let it discourage you from your content that you love. We are all in the same boat lol. A certain type of content does well compared to another and it's not always the priority for us.
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