channel update, rant, demonetizing, limited state, why i might leave youtube, 2017 #rant

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  • RichVernadeau reply YOUTUBE DEMONETIZATION: The biggest gripe I have is the bot or algorithm going through and demonetizing videos that were getting views and making money and then all of the sudden they are determined to not be advertiser friendly. And when they get demonetized, if you look at your analytics, whatever money you had made off of them during the hours or days or weeks before the demonetization suddenly disappears. Start uploading your videos to BitChute, VidMe, DailyMotion, Vimeo. I have and will continue to do so. Time to spread your eggs into other baskets.
  • SustainableLivingSteelGully reply I have been just getting myself organised to start regular uploading and though I have had youtube for years, the more I see on what they are doing the more I am reluctant to participate in their platform. Computing forever did a vid that got me to look here and I am glad I am here. I'm looking forward to catching up on your vids here and I really hope for all of us that this might be a better answer. You said something that hit close to home for me, I am a sustainability/farming/gardening/permaculture person and that is what my channel shows and yet I have no illusions that youtube would find something that would make it not worth me putting the effort in too. Anyway, good luck with your channel here!
  • ScaryStoriesNYC reply You can make money off vimeo and those other channels?
  • Thunderjet reply I could tell you one reason why they've been to monetizing your videos because you're teaching people how to grow things simple as that they don't want that they don't want people to think that's why I'm on vidme. I enjoy your work. Cheers Eh from Canada.
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