The Masculinisation of Women

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  • JoeyArnoldVN reply Agreed that we are pressured against designs of how things are. I am not against choice. Men and women can choose to do what they want to do. But I do not like it when they steal away our choices by telling us we have to do be more manly or female or this thing or that thing or whatever. The left is always getting us think that John Wayne men are too tough. Mothers can be mothers. It is not bad or too bad if girls grow up to become mothers. Men can become strong. Women can be beautiful. This is not bad. But we are becoming influenced into thinking and feeling and doing things that hurt society in so many ways.
  • PocketShadow reply I have no desire to have children, or be in a relationship of any kind. (might be because I am ace). Looks like there's another reason I need to exercise more. :P
  • WebNoob reply I despise acting feminine.
  • [ – ] BernardChapin19 reply no new video today E? what's going on!
  • [ – ] UnarmoredForce reply Let me quickly point out that exercise and strength training isn't harmful for women. You are showing a picture of Alina Popa a top level professional bodybuilder who competed at a level where competitors take hormones like morning cereal. Women who lift are in no danger of becoming infertile from exercise. The truth of the matter is that even though exercise increases your testosterone levels, women are naturally unable to increase their hormone levels to the levels that would endanger fertility or loss of their femininity. All in all, I'd like to end the misconception that lifting turns women into masculine monsters as that is not the case. Besides what's wrong with a woman with a little bit of muscle on her. It only shows that they are willing to take care of themselves and their fitness. Competitive bodybuilders and strength athletes are a whole different culture.
    • [ – ] RockingMrE parent reply You're wrong about the effects of exercise on women, and I don't care about what you like in women because that's irrelevant to the topic. This is about facts and medical advice leading to objective choices. If women do a great deal of exercise (professional athletes, for example) it is very harmful to their fertility levels. I provide evidence to prove this in the link section. You re trying to undermine this with opinions and muddying, so it seems you have an agenda, given that facts don't matter to you. Same old story when some people are faced with the truth. I suggest you work on that flaw in your reasoning.
      • [ – ] UnarmoredForce parent reply Your website links to an article in a fitness magazine that says exercise increases fertility. I do have an agenda and that is to stop the spreading of misinformation by people who don't know much about fitness or training. It is true that extreme exercise could render a person infertile, but we are truly talking of extreme amounts of rigorous training. I'd also like to point out that low levels of fat cause hormonal imbalances that put people at risk when it comes to infertility. You have over simplified something you don't fully understand.
        • [ – ] RockingMrE parent reply No, the link doesn't say that. So at this point I suspect you are lying, rather than being genuinely obtuse in some way. I don't really care what your agenda is, or what you promote online. But if you can't be honest then you're going to have your subsequent comments removed.
          • [ – ] UnarmoredForce parent reply I'm starting to suspect you haven't fully read your source material to begin with as you decide accuse me of lying. In addition to that if all you can muster is a weak ad hominem then I have nothing further to discuss with you. I took you for a logical person, but if you think otherwise I'll gladly let you censor my messages. On a final note here is a synopsis of the conclusion of a real study on the subject matter: "Exercise-induced menstrual irregularity appears to be multifactorial in origin and remains a diagnosis of exclusion. The underlying mechanisms are mainly speculative. Clinical manifestations range from luteal phase deficiency to anovulation, amenorrhea, and even delayed menarche. Evaluation should include a thorough history and a complete physical plus pelvic examination. Most cases are reversible with dietary and exercise modifications. Hormonal replacement in cases of a prolonged hypoestrogenic state with evidence of increased bone loss is recommended, although the long-...moreterm consequences of prolonged hormonal deficiency are ill-defined."
            • RockingMrE parent reply There was no ad hominem, you fallacious fraud! An ad hominem is ONLY committed when you ONLY attack the character of another! You accuse me of fallacies, and yet you misquote them at me, which is further proof of your cognitive dissonance. You have simply dismissed empirical facts regarding the effects of hormones, which are not only self-evident in nature (inductive reasoning in this postmodern world - fancy that!), but proven by studies that are dismissed by weirdos like you that have some sort of fetish for muscley women, and/or push the androgynous agenda. As usual, ideologues promoting this gender neutral nonsense love to misquote fallacies and attack sources that prove the objective differences between men and women, as they strut around like peacocks, and act as though they actually know what the hell they are talking about. Sorry, but your postmodern 'education' is a joke, as are the kind of life experiences that can make you this delusional. And just for you, I've included 2...more extra links in the relevant section that prove my case. The fact is, however, I could include 1000 and it would make no difference to you. I have no time for such cultural indoctrination. This is the last time I'm going to engage you, regardless of how you try to goad me into another response. Go and jerk off over bodybuilding women, or whatever floats your boat, instead of wasting my time. Au revoir.
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