A Fear of Failure

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  • JESSEverything reply You know how in Fight Club they make them go out and lose a fight on purpose? This reminded me of that. Failure is the first step to success.
  • MutantPixel reply Good stuff man, and it seems like a pretty simple concept once spelled out. Those with chronic anxiety though... It's a whole different ball game.
  • MechaPuma reply Wow, this was actually a great explanation of why people are afraid of failure and what will happen due to that fear. :) Nice job! I also like your editing and background music!
  • 0merrimac reply failure is " THE " ... " NECCESSARY " ....FIRST STEP, ( of many ) TO SUCCESS. Failure.... Teaches you, What "not" to do, on your journey to getting it right-rightious. Self-Embarrassement is the small price paid... for a lifetime of perfected+payoffs. Each misstep, mistake, or mihap puts you that much closer to your goal of success or perfection or satasfaction ! Without failures .... you "are" .... a failure ! Sucess DICTATES ; " We Must --Learn-- to EMBRACE- FIRST , What we fear, Most ... " Failure ! "
  • spookyboo reply I have a fear of success - if that makes any sense. I love success, but it gives me anxiety.
  • 0merrimac reply please note my above failure of spelling Success wrong .... next time, I"ll know to take the proper time to spell check first before hitting the Post button. NOW.... -know.... What " not " to do, the next time ! ...?... MAYBE ?
  • shogunofgaming reply I love that background music
  • Brettkeanevideo reply Failure is fear itself my friend. God bless.
  • Torok0420 reply I Face Flop All The Time ..... lol .... It's Ok To Fail .... It Sucks ... But It's Ok .......... Try Again ...... That's All We Can Do
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