Steemit: Overview: Social Media Platform on Steem Blockchain #GetOnSteem

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  • nodetact reply It sucks that all monetary gains from Steemit are intended to flow through only bitcoin exchanges, even if there are so many. I just am not so fresh with online currencies, but maybe that will change with time! Society generally has a bitter perspective of bitcoin, mostly because of the self rooting measures of making more money with money you already have. This is an entirely unfair disheartening unveiling for how much Steemit truly helped others - these people are writing looooooooong articles and blogs enriched with information scattered in both creative and intellectual backgrounds. If people would just give the blockchain a chance, maybe things would be more secure and beneficial after all! I'll try and see if I can make my Introduce Yourself article sometime this summer... Maybe I can tether it up to a Vidme/BitChute video and do a hybrid project!
  • matheasysolutions reply View my video notes Steemit!! #GetOnSteem
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