JIREN AND UNIVERSE 11 SOLVED? | A Dragonball Discussion

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  • Orack reply Good points were made in this video. Whilst others discussed about Jiren's potential low stamina , Masako made things seem clearer with his analogies with DC characters and his major point of Jiren locking onto his opponent, one at the time
  • mr1van reply Huh, you know, I kind of wondered a tiny bit, but Universe 11 really does encapsulate many traits you'd likewise fin in a Justice League (as well as Sentai of course). Also, I'd like to give credit to the Super team for the design of Jiren, mainly because the gray alien is typically not one you see in a form of physical strength. They often look fragile, but perilous. Jiren comes across strong, yet peaceful. For me, this is a bit of a different take on a old concept, and it works well for this story arc, considering the large cast of characters.
  • PillarofCreation reply If Toppo is actually supposed to be Batman, he should logically have a bunch of gadgets. If something happens during the tournament that causes Zeno to rescind the rule about tech, Belmod could throw Toppo his version of a utility belt or something. If Universe 11 is supposed to be DC, I'm guessing more similarities will surface as they get more desperate.
  • TheGlassIsFull reply Never thought of it before but you are absolutely correct! Jiren is Superman!
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