Words spoken,One.

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  • [ ÔÇô ] TracyMay_ reply I think you have it covered brother. Amen Jesus is Lord..The enemy has no power when we are in right relationship with the Lord. Thank you for protecting us, Father­čî║ Bless my friend and give him the peace that passeth understanding­čî║
    • 123-Proverb-Monkey parent reply One thing that might help you,on the left hand side of your screen is a couple of lines,{3},if you hit that a side bar will pop up and show you some words one of which says following,this is all the videos from the people you are subscribed to that have recently been posted.Hope it helps,and if you know anyone who would agree with the Words Spoken,One prayer please share,thank you greatly Tracy May!!!!!!!!!!
    • 123-Proverb-Monkey parent reply Thank you for replying and agreeing! I tried to hit every area I could,with as much power I have in JESUS name! I have recently added JESUS LOVE to the beginning. Interesting points,when I started this two vultures appeared on the shed,and recently they appeared again,and when I moved against spells/etc with JESUS BLOOD a ?magus?wizard?sorcerer?druid? yanked or pulled on my body when I was asleep,woke me up,but the weird thing, is that stuff is pretty common for me.I think GOD wanted me to know first hand that what I was doing was having a big effect.
  • 123-Proverb-Monkey reply Different kind of prayer,get helped,attacked,revealed,exposed or blessed all at the same time. In a world of craziness,get nuts the Right Way!
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