Childish Men Are To Blame For Women Having Kids Late In Life

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  • jp9605 reply I ran across this video on youtube in one of Jack Nicholson's older films "The Witches of Eastwick."It is quite prevalent. Jack Nicholson (Satan)walks into a church and asks an intriguing question: "Ya'll are church going folks, can I ask you a question? do you think God really knew what he was doing when he created woman?"
  • stormrookylassie reply There empire is falling before them and they can't stop it
  • jp9605 reply It's too bad a woman hits the wall, turns around and blames men for not being "responsible" for caring for the women. It's time to go Mad Max and throw gynocentricism under the spiky wheels. Women are only good for breeding and serving the Rothschilds. Lucifer will not show the same courtesy to them. You know, there are many high level freemason texts that show how Lucifer can be channeled as energy in the hands ( as stated by 33rd degree freemason of the scottish rite Albert Pike in his book Morals and Dogmas) or how Islam and christianity would be used as pons to fight each in order to bring in the NWO. This NWO will be a world where all religions (including satanists,nihilists, feminists, atheists,etc.) Will all be exterminated. Albert Pike made it very clear that all religions, including atheism, will not be allowed in the NWO. Only those who bow to freemasonic theistic luciferianism (theologically differing from satanism.) will be the new nazis that we must face. So feminists, are...more you ready for Lucifer to slaughter the hell out of you. I suggest you read the story of Jezebel's fate ladies. You're truly fucked beyond all repair. There is no trust that men have for women. That trust will take a long time, if ever, for men to remotely start the process of regaining that trust. As for me, I am going to start an online translation client service platform/s and sometime in the future go back to a local college or utilize Virtual Reality technology to take classes on learning VR AI software and hardware systems to improve my skillsets. I will be a polyglot and a tech specislist. Virtual economics, currencies, linguistics, and technology are the future.
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