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  • [ – ] iJimUK reply What an excellent idea, working together as a community to help each other get noticed. #IamGroot, no, sorry #IamNegan ugh nope, #IamHowesenberg
  • [ – ] shuttershades reply I like this idea - Vidme is such an exciting fledgeling video! #iamhowesenberg !! Though, if you were to check out my channel - I would hold off for a while, I haven't made very many videos yet and I'll be working on more, better ones soon!!
    • Howesenberg parent reply Hey shuttershades :) thanks for the comment. I will hold off on commenting on your videos with that in mind but I will find one I like to upvote for you! good luck with your videos.
  • GhostAi reply Yeah same hopefully Vidme can be an outlet for content creators who are constantly getting screwed over by YouTube's many broken algorithms
  • [ – ] NaiveLittleDemon reply I love the idea, thank you so much for helping us people out! #iamhowesenberg
    • Howesenberg parent reply No worries! it is my hope that by making a contribution it will help me grow my channel as well as make some friends within the community. Thanks for the comment I will check out your content today :)
  • [ – ] doomx2001 reply I really like the spirit of this video. I wish there was more like this on Vidme because right now the vidme team is still figuring out their layout and promotion of the site while at the same time (hopefully) figuring out ways to get content creators noticed. Basically everything is still kinda new. And it's easy to get lost in the shuffle if your a new guy. Mr.Howesenberg I will check your channel out. For anyone that is interested I am currently doing the 100 Days of Drawing Comics Challenge on my channel. It may not be content that interests most of you, but maybe somebody might find value in it. LOL. #iamhowesenberg
    • [ – ] Howesenberg parent reply Thank you so much! it's for sure an exciting time for content creators no longer shackled so much to YouTube which despite it's problems is still going strong, it's just nice and refreshing for new platforms so that content creators like us have a chance to make our own mark. Just checked out 1 video of yours and hopefully today I can check out more but I admire your comic art skills must have taken a lot of practice!
      • doomx2001 parent reply Thanks for taking the time to check out my channel. It means a lot to me. I agree about what you said about Vidme. I really do believe it is going to get big. My prediction is that 6 months from now, whether the advertisers will come back to Youtube (most will) or not, there will be a Exodus of Youtubers. Many having learned the hard lesson of diversifiying their sources of income will come to Vidme (while keeping their Youtube channels) while others that are fed up with Youtube will come as well to be exclusive content creators for the site. It's about time Youtube had some real competition. It was only a matter time.
  • MrRonlivingstone reply All my YTP's that I've uploaded from youtube to vidme are here too. you should also check them out
  • Naturenerd1000 reply I also have some older videos too I am debating to put on here or not varying in quality. As of right now I have one day on vidme where I upload some older vids or recordings/memories I think have held up over the years. Then the other day or days is for new content and originals.
  • [ – ] Naturenerd1000 reply Everyday I find another one of my favorite YouTubers on here. #IamtheHowsenberg
    • Howesenberg parent reply I think it's a good thing to upload older videos as it gives your videos another chance to be watched and commented on. If you do I would always advise adding a comment or a description that lets the viewer know this so they judge accordingly. Thank you so much for the comment and #iamhowesenberg I will take a look at your content right now :)
  • [ – ] grandvisualdesign reply Absolutely love this! Great idea!
  • [ – ] ITSnippets reply Intersting Idea.. wait.. no that was hiesenberg.... #iamhowsenburg
    • Howesenberg parent reply Damn you cracked the code of my name! I will have order some vacuum cleaner parts on the phone.....if you know what I mean. But before I do that I will come check out your channel as thanks for commenting with the #iamhowesenberg
  • [ – ] NexusNoodle reply I think Vidme should advertise themselfes in more places I only know about this awesome page because I watched a video where someone was asking about it
  • [ – ] waterkid95 reply Youtube to me is really going down hill since around 2014 I think I really got faith in where they actually care about us #IamHowesenberg
    • Howesenberg parent reply I feel that for as long as Google have ownership YouTube will always be the biggest powerhouse and they will find ways to promote content creators because the more ad revenue we get, the more they get! unfortunately their size means they lose touch with the creators because they role out massive changes which they cannot keep everyone happy with. vid,me is certainly filling in the gaps of YouTube so I am super happy to be here. Thanks for the comment I will take a look at your content, I see you have stuff on Baby Metal which is awesome.
  • [ – ] TimThebodeau reply That's the thing I like most about VidMe. We're willing to grow together as an entire community rather than caring about just ourselves. This is going to be huge man! #iamhowesenberg
    • Howesenberg parent reply I sure hope it will be huge! there are many people asking for upvotes and feedback without being willing to return the favor. Thanks for using the #iamhowesenberg I will check out your content now!
  • [ – ] SannaTheAnimator reply I'll Give it a try. I'm really liking how you're trying to bring this community together. #iamhowesenberg
    • Howesenberg parent reply Heyyy thanks for the comment :) hopefully no matter how big gets it wont lose the community feel it has right now, either way I'm happy to be a contributing member of it. I'll check out your content now!
  • [ – ] codehxundead reply #iamhowesenberg Coming from youtube, I am looking forward to what Vidme has to offer. Thanks Howesenberg!
  • [ – ] mitori reply #iamhowesenberg looking forward to hearing from you!
  • [ – ] DJIgnis reply I think this is a great way to help eachother out and grow as a community. #IamHowesenberg
    • Howesenberg parent reply Absolutely, I like helping people and it's cool to see people are helping me out too with upvotes and such. I'll come check out your content!
  • [ – ] jrswab reply #iamhowesenberg I hope you find something worth the time on my channel. I've been on vidme since the end of January but just started moving my videos over. Very cool idea you have man <3
    • [ – ] Howesenberg parent reply Yo! (do people still say yo?......ah never mind) I'll gladly check out your content thanks for commenting :)
      • jrswab parent reply No thank you for taking the time. Right now I just have some videos that from youtube but am thinking about doing a vlog type thing were I talk about what I learn each day from the books i'm reading.
  • [ – ] ExcalibursZone reply This is a pretty cool idea. I've heard so much about how there's a great community here at but I don't see a lot of comments on my stuff. THOUGH! A big though, I haven't been on that long and I've been moving over videos from YouTube more as an experiment at first. Outside of one outlier video of mine, almost all of my videos here have more views than on YouTube and that was enough for me to stay with this platform. I'd love some constructive criticism on my work since I want to improve on what I'm trying to do. I have a mixture of older and newer stuff (within the past 2 months to 2 years) and I'll be putting up much newer stuff soon either as exclusives here or concurrently with YouTube. So I'm going to go to one of your other videos and see what it's all about and leave a comment with your requested hash there as well. #iamhowesenberg
    • Howesenberg parent reply Totally get this, it's a good idea to have a variety of platforms and I too am starting to see my content rack up views quicker on, I wonder what the future holds....thanks so much for the comment I will leave some feedback on your channel.
  • [ – ] WooFit reply GREAT Idea! #IAmHowesenberg
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