Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting! // Learning Martial Arts

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  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply You did great! At least you looked all professional and all. So now if someone comes at you with a hooked sword, you got it covered. Thanks for sharing!
  • [ – ] Hoshi-Hana reply I agree with Flying! You did great! Seems like a really interesting and nice way of learning Kung Fu. Makes me wanna try it - I'm probably still more into Archery :DD It looked like lots of fun!
    • redRomina parent reply thank you so much! I love archery!! Maybe I should bring you guys along someday and shoot a little archery video. I haven't gone in a very long time, but I have a longbow! What do you shoot with?
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply That's so cool. Like most things it takes repetition to get your muscles to learn and react to that automatic twitch level of speed. That's probably why he uses a pattern method so you can transfer the repetition of the motions between different weapons. Fun video.
  • [ – ] DrCut reply Martial arts are very good for body and mind. In my opinion, the best style of Kung-fu is Wing Chun (Bruce Lee's style). https://vid.me/tDIq
    • [ – ] redRomina parent reply I think so too. This is why I've decided to continue a few more lessons. (:
      • [ – ] DrCut parent reply With that guy? Sorry, but he is not a real teacher of Wing Chun. Maybe I am wrong but I think he is not a true master when I see his method and movements. I have practiced 23 years different martial arts, so I know a little be. First, you should find the real master and the style which you like. :)
        • [ – ] redRomina parent reply Please do not be disrespectful. First, at no point did I say he was a "master". You can rewatch the video and see I never said that. Second, I never specified that he did Wing Chun. He only introduces people to Kung Fu. He is also not far behind from you since he has practiced for 17 years. Third, I'm not doing this to become a master or really great at Kung fu. It's just an hour out of my week to relax and do something different that isn't work related. (:
          • [ – ] DrCut parent reply Yes, you said he was a master. You can rewatch your video. :) No, you didn't said that and I never said that too. We only like both Wing Chun. Sorry, but using Katana is not Kung-fu. In fact I was disappointed cause I didn't see Kung-fu! Sometimes I try to help people but I am to directly. I am sorry for that. OK no problem. ^^
            • [ – ] redRomina parent reply It is one thing to help, which I accept openly. Another to belittle someone's work. Again, I never said he was a master... you can watch the video again. When I mentioned the word master it was a joke and even he said to not use that word. I never said I liked Wing Chun. I am unfamiliar with that style. I think you misunderstood when I was agreeing to your first comment. I was not agreeing to your Wing Chun comment. I was agreeing in that I think martial arts is great for body and mind. You are correct in that katana use in Kung Fu is not traditional, but it is also not uncommon. I chose the katana because I love using it. (:
  • [ – ] USUandS reply Oh HELL yeah; I can get behind this. I've got a few self taught moves myself Kung Fu related. Maybe it's just grabbing a pipe and beating someone til they can't move, but hey... Kung fu!!
  • [ – ] GaryTurbo reply Next thing you know, Romina be running around like Electra
  • basic_goku reply My nem de andre
  • techmespot reply Good one :)
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