Out of Darkness Into the Light - Episode 4 - The Bride of Lucifer

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  • [ – ] NathanSifuGaming reply Oh! I just got finished posting (several) comments on your latest Habbo Hotel video, I didn't think you still used your VidMe account.
    • [ – ] EndTimesNewsReport parent reply After about 4 months of applying, Vidme FINALLY approved my account to receive "tips" from viewers. I wasn't going to put much effort into Vidme if they weren't willing to even allow my channel to participate in the monetization option. So I'll start adding videos to Vidme to try to gradually build up an alternative to YouTube. One of these days, YouTube is just going to shut my channel down. I don't want to be left flat-footed. Glady to see you over here.
      • NathanSifuGaming parent reply Oh for sure! I appreciate your work, funny it took you so long to get verified, I kind got lucky I guess, I waited 3 days, and then tweeted them and they verified after a few minutes! I'd hate it if YouTube shit down your channel, it might also be a good idea to back up any of the videos that you plan on bringing over here just in case. Also (sorry this comment is so long) maybe now that you're verified, let everyone on YouTube know that they should follow you on VidMe in case something happens to your YouTube account.
  • guyo73 reply This is an excellent series. I noted several comments seem to indicate there are more episodes to this series. Where can we find them? Thank you.
  • zenmasterme reply Thank You Jake 4 All That U Do! God Bless U & Your Family! People Please Please Help Support Jake On Patreon @https://www.patreon.com/endtimesnewsreport
  • Ian_Treloar reply I haven't watched the previous installments yet but went to this one to see what it was about. I've seen to grisly things in my time and heard of more because of my line of work, but even so I found this very hard to take. People have trouble believing there are truly evil people like this, and that they would do these things out of preference.
  • freethatsfunny reply Getting rid of UTube BS looking for my favs here.
  • tabykatt reply Really strange, I received a notification that you uploaded, but it says I don't follow you. When I hit follow it says error. Any who, glad to see your post! πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ
  • Its_Okay2 reply Well done. I saw this on YT when you put it up there; it's still just as horrifying. Your Gran is a courageous woman.
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