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  • [ – ] Phobos_Media reply Hey bear! Good to see you on Some advice: the tags/keywords here don't have to be separated by commas, but they have to have a '#' in front of them.
    • [ – ] IrateBear parent reply cheers mate I haven't actually been putting any tags and keywords for quite some time. I knew about the hashtags but It didn't have any noticable difference. Il wait until's search function has been improved. Thanks though man.
      • [ – ] Phobos_Media parent reply no problem, lol sorry. And yeah I haven't noticed a skidmark of difference either unfortunately, this site still needs some wrinkles smoothed
        • [ – ] IrateBear parent reply Yeah. Vidme are quite receptive on twitter so Im going to keep reminding them to hurry up lol
          • Phobos_Media parent reply That's way better than "DONOTREPLYTOTHISEMAIL Hello Youtube user! We most-assuredly are not stroking our robot dicks while our humor circuits process your channel's misfortune. We are currently hollowing out the brain-cavities of the last remaining biological entities here at youtube, to be replaced by more A.I., so we are JUST SO VEWY BUSY SO SOWWY!!"
  • frankblackcrow reply Wearing a pink tie declares him as a zeta male,, as he was dressed by his mother, or other female sibling. As like those of SJW and those who call themselves feminists that are actually men,, are as well zeta males,, as to be those who could be standing in line for a sex change.
  • kittynip reply College humor is bullshit
  • Platypus67 reply BETA male?! More like OMEGA male...!
  • rubbishycrap reply That pudgy ginger bint is a dyke.
  • theallmightychad reply Vin Diesel is a D&D player.Talk about irony.
  • lordofpredator reply Adam= the virgin. Bear= the chad
  • Nicodemous52 reply "... I know, I was raised by women, I had to learn the hard way..." Yep, there is a reason a picture of John Wayne on the American Flag is my avatar. Some people grew up with a father, some of us had to go find our own examples of how to be a man. Lot's of people pick very bad examples. Hence why it's called the hard way. And yeah, some actual dads are bad examples, but at least you didn't have to pick them for yourself, unless like me and IB you did. But if that is the case, then you know.
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