Programming an ATTiny10 using an Arduino

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  • RayOfHope reply Great. Found a great tutorial explaining this.
  • [ – ] RayOfHope reply That's cool. I just did a blink program with the ATTiny85 using the methods given at Do you think it is possible to drive a 16x2 LCD using this chip?
    • Caleb_Projects parent reply I'm not sure. There are only 6 pins. One is power, one is ground, and the reset which can be a pin but you lose programming if you use it (I believe). So if you can say bit bang a I2C interface and have an input using the remaining 3 pins, it could be possible :-).
    • Caleb_Projects parent reply Oooops ... I'm sorry, in that reply I thought you were talking about an ATTiny10. You are talking about one two additional pins! Woo hoo! :-)
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