White Model Claims She Successfully Transformed Into Black Woman

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  • Kyoko reply I feel bad for her. I don't judge her for her wish to be black. Somehow I can relate because I'm mixed but don't look like it but most of my family is blonde and blue eyed. With having almost no one to look up to, who also somehow looked like me, I got stuck with a disconnection from what I look and who I actually am (what noone sees). But I started therapy to accept myself so I don't do surgeries in future or unhealthy skinbleaching. Clearly she didn't grew up anywhere, where her mental state developed while growing up in a society where she was a minority. I guess it's fetishism sadly... But what's even more sad is, that she doesn't seek help and won't stop destroying herself.
  • WebNoob reply She used the transformation no jutsu
  • GamingRoom reply its not like she wasn't already freaky before with those huge chemical balls where her boobies should be
  • SeanShadowBlood reply That girl is a walking example of what happens when you hate yourself and don't seek help for it, would I touch an inch of that? Hell no, not in this life tyvm.
  • KevinXY1989 reply Like TRANNY'S! MENTALLY ILL!
  • [ – ] silentry1 reply stay litty! supporting you every where!
  • Derpinshnofe reply No matter what she does her genetics will always be white and her children will be white.
  • Akamaze reply suddenly, the nazis went from 'horrible monsters' to 'disagreeable people'...
  • GaryTurbo reply I guess she wants to be called a "dindu nuffin" by Trump supporters
  • Wendiz reply White guilt to the extreme.. Which WG is a mental illness..Dumb bitch!
  • blindfire reply Well the postmodernists believe everything is a social construct, including race. Clearly she's bought into their bullshit. Imagine her shock if she ever had a kid and it came out white.
  • ThingsNStuff reply What the hell is the difference between this and being transsexual?
  • JannaJonna reply Can she even walk with those boobs? Gosh they must hurt, can you see the skin holding the boobs? Eww. Well, whatever floats your boat :|
  • MosleyBoxing reply Yeah, b*tch is crazy!!! Wow!
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