Perception Deception: Conditioning of the Self.

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  • [ – ] E4Ducky reply do you not think that humanity creates order for a purpose? You'd be bewildered and couldn't get up and out of your room ever if you had to stop and stare at every ceiling tile? Back before civilization we'd be killed if we couldn't operate on heuristics that would organize our world: that's a thing that can kill me, that's a food thing, that's a place that I can be safe from predators in. I don't think our cultures always create negative heuristics, and certainly we need to challenge the negative bits, but it's dishonest to call growing up and accepting cultural norms is always a limiting thing. What would a society gain from getting rid of those "windows"? What if everyone had such a different window? Would social cohesion allow for society to exist in a way that is beneficial in a utilitarian manner? Fun video, good thought experiment.
    • [ – ] Interconnect_ parent reply I'm not talking about order, of course order is important. I'm talking about limiting imagination, brainwashing and narrowing of acceptable discourse and thought. Thats what our education system and work culture does, pumping out drones and yes men as opposed to free thinking human beings. I dont recall ever saying that growing up and accepting cultural norms is ALWAYS a limiting thing, it is just a matter of fact that it is limiting to some degree or another. If people are happy to be limited, let them be limited, but having found many of these limits to be false, I am drawing these ideas to peoples attention. Thanks for watching and commenting. Have a great day!
      • E4Ducky parent reply fair enough, I was sort of just assuming a more extreme version of your opinion on the matter. I totally agree with your comment above. Just wanted to partake in some devil's advocate discussion... it's lonely here in these comment sections, haha. have a good one yourself.
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