Politics in Games - All Media is Political - Extra Credits

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  • hamerwolf reply This is a great analysis. The problem we see these days is that conservative, libertarian, and classically liberal politics are being forced/blocked/extracted from media. There is only one narrative. This is why I'm on vidme instead of youtube.
  • Kroonpeer reply True, all media is political but there is a difference between having a political statement and forcing your own agenda on others or lynch mobbing others because of different opinions...
  • Grumanilt reply wow guys I am happy to see you on vid.me! keep the good stuff coming! :)
  • thecritictv reply I even disagree with you politically and I still agree on nearly all points made in this video. Excellent job.
  • Dead_Rabbit reply For some reason the video keeps stopping at 4:51
  • YamiryuuZero reply Yay, EC is also on Vidme! With that said, Dan, I think you don't understand the main issue here: people are not asking to have all political elements removed from games, but rather poorly implemented modern politics commentary! For example, what happened to Marvel and the feminist Thor, Trump as a super villain, nazi Cpt. America and so on. Then we have the issue with Black Lives Matter, protectionism of Islam, the narrative that the white man is inherently evil, etc. It's not that people want all political elements removed from games, it's that people utilize games as forms of escapism to run have a break from reality, and the last thing they need is for their games to also be filled with agenda-filling SJW bullshit! We're tired of the mainstream media doing it, leave our comic books and games alone! Yet SJW keep invading high positions within the companies that make those products we like so much and trying to destroy them from the inside! This is what people want to stop! Not pol...moreitical elements, but SJW BS!
  • Jonabob87 reply This is more to do with virtually all media having an incredibly partisan stance on almost every issue. You can't really blame people for wanting to keep politics out of things if they strongly disagree with every single view that's displayed.
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