Canadian People Try Drinking Shower Beer!

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  • Judaculla2018 reply Looks like fun. I like having a stronger 🍹 with rum and a cigar on a cruise 🚢 so that's like a shower.
  • Perseus_Gold reply #boycottmexicanbeer
  • [ – ] hockeyknight reply Interesting concept. I've never heard of people doing this. I have heard of a few people fill their travel mug of coffee in the morning and drink it in a shower in a rush to get ready for work. Well done on the production work in this video. Edited! I could do without the cussing though. Good luck to all of you going forward.
    • [ – ] hockeyknight parent reply WOA! WHAT WAS THAT IN THE RIGHT HAND OF THE SCREEN AT THE TEN SECONDS REMAINING MARK???? Was that a ghost orb in the video? IS JARRED'S SHOWER HAUNTED???? (oh and Go Leafs Go)
      • hockeyknight parent reply OH WAIT!!! Yet again I didn't recognize you right away! You're the Diet Coke and Mentos bikini lady!!!! I remember leaving a comment on that video over on YouTube when it first came out. I was so glad that you responded to me and noticed. I tried bidding on the bikini when it went to auction, but I was soon priced out. In that case, Welcome to VidMe! I'll look forward to watching your other videos! :D
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