Castlevania: Curse of Darkness (Part 2) - Crazy Armor Boss

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  • [ – ] Draximus reply I'm surpised I've never played this. looks pretty good for its time
    • [ – ] SweetDaddyBrown parent reply I'm just about done with the game and it's certainly good. I found the first boss fights a bit too easy but they eventually got harder towards the end. The amount of weapon/armor combinations and Innocent Devil variations was quite nice. One really important thing to keep in mind, that I was careless on, is that you gotta make sure to steal from the bosses (at least the later ones) since some of them have rare materials that you can't obtain anywhere else.
      • [ – ] Draximus parent reply what console was this one? might have to find it and play it
        • SweetDaddyBrown parent reply This is the PS2 version, although I'm playing it on my PC so it looks much better. I don't think there was any difference between the PS2 and Xbox versions other than the Xbox version not being released in Japan.
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