How Apple Can Save The Mac

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  • [ – ] Rhyzir reply Apple has great industrial design and a very attractive UI. Unfortunately they have essentially become a fantastic marketing company first and foremost. With the iPhone they realized that it was all about fashion and status. If they took a mediocre piece of hardware and made it look flashy and marketed the stink out of it then they made piles of money because people were compelled to have the latest and greatest that they could show off to their friends. It didn't matter that they had spent far too much for the hardware. This is the reason that the form factor on the iPhone changes every two years so that it's easily recognized that a person doesn't have the latest device. They would change the design every year except they want the financial advantage of having almost zero development costs for the second year so profits are in the stratosphere. The iPhone was groundbreaking when it came out but it's certainly never stayed that way from a hardware standpoint. However users want to mak...moree the fashion statement so they keep buying in.
  • [ – ] Vision-Line01 reply they are also being replaced in schools with chromebooks
    • [ – ] ryanator008 parent reply And really shitty ones at that. Those screens are painful to look at.
      • Vision-Line01 parent reply true, usually due to the cost of the budget chromebook, i use a chromebook now, and as everything is going more cloud based its ideal for me
  • Fighting_Zenith reply This is why I say "Buy a used Mac." Preferably Mac Pro and MacBook Pro. Besides, I hate "smart" devices.
  • lfeqlbrm reply That is why I have always used PC or Linux over Mac. Mac just isn't an option in my book.
  • WolfyAU82 reply Being pro-Unix, I'm likely to build a Linux rig if Apple doesn't get their act together.
  • [ – ] ryanator008 reply Well, USB-C just needs some time to become the new standard. It seems as if that will be quite a long time however.
    • ZachZ parent reply Well at least during this transitional period Apple could include a mixture of USBC and other ports.
  • TheMichaelJShow reply The state of the personal computer today. Apple, who is more concerned on style over substance and Microsoft, which is more concerned on harvesting and selling users personal information. And let's not forget Linus who, well gets so bogged down on nerdy, geek, do it yourself projects, that they refuse to design an OS for the average consumer. Who knows maybe we will see Silicon Valley go the route of Detroit, ie, being replaced by more innovate competition from South East Asia.
  • [ – ] DrezzRodriguez reply I stopped buying Apple products after the garbage can Mac Pro and the turfing of the classic Ipod. Although I've never been a fan of their mandate of closed development and forced obsolence.
    • LVXMedia parent reply They took being able to tinker with the Mac Mini away too. Someone should start a hardware company that remembers what innovation means. Build creative devices that can be altered, and people would flock to them. Especially if they CIA proof it somehow...#Vault7
  • Hooza reply I think the last time I touched a Mac was back in college when I was first learning Illustrator and the creative suite. It was fine for what we were working on then, but that was fifteen-ish years ago, and I haven't looked at a Mac seriously since?
  • nekollx reply Sorry, you must have found the wrong channel, this is ComputingForver, a Alternative News Channel, not a tech Vlog...but i have to say i'm pleasantly surprised with this content, what your normal channel so i can follow your tech vlogs?
  • LazyCook reply Ian Flemming had it right with James Bond and his fictional flashy gadgets that wowed and amazed us all. I was dragged into one of Apple's franchisee stores by my kids, and I realised that Apple were selling an image and an imagined lifestyle; the tech seemed incidental. Apple produces tech products for early adopting fashion victims. Or am I just an old fart?
  • PieterAuper reply Are you saying it actually took them hipsters 15 years to realize they don't know shit about computers?
  • RoboLynx reply The last time I touched an Apple computer it was in Photoshop class about 10 years ago. I was never particularly enamored with Apple's brand and the more I learned about the lack of games and the small market share I became more and more heavily biased against them, not at all helped by the frivolous lawsuits where they try to claim that they own the patent on all smartphone design. And then one day I discovered Linux and I've been trying to migrate over since with varying degrees of success. I'm currently running Windows 10 exclusively because something went wrong somewhere with my dual boot and I can no longer get GRUB to start correctly.
  • RagingKitten reply They constantly have adverts saying how an iPad could be your next laptop, I think they''re just pretending to care about the mac these days.
  • SunsetPop reply Damn I was expecting google to save the Mac...
  • Ms_K reply VERY informative video!
  • Jay_Sherman reply Apple was great back in the day (2007?) back when they didnt force everything. That lasted up until the iphone 5.
  • AntonioKowatsch reply The 2015 macbook pro is the best one. I personally only use the macbook air right now because of its superior battery life. It's perfect for my workflow (I write a lot).
  • blindfire reply Spot on with the iWatch.
  • [ – ] AaronMcHale reply I purchased an iPhone 7 Plus and while I don't have any real issues (even the merge of the audio and power/data ports doesn't really bother me) I agree with you. I got a MacBook Pro in 2010 and while it still "works" it is really slow, and isn't up to the task of editing video on the go, so I'll be looking to upgrade and right now I'm looking at a Surface Book. Ever since Microsoft brought out that unique offering I've been hooked! I probably would have purchased a MacBook again before, but given the direction Apple is going and the power you get in the SurfaceBook (especially for editing video) I'll probably be getting that!
  • ubiquitous_reverser reply In total agreement. Someone should be in jail for they're billions in tax evasion, or better yet teach them some respect for they're workers and make all of the top execs go sweat it out for a few years at foxconn, they can do 12hrs in the factory and 6hrs on the business side, maybe that will give them a grip on reality. But I bought my first macbook, the 2016 pro base model about 2 months ago now. It was on sale and had better specs than the 13" macbook air I was intending on getting that was on sale, but it was about double the price. As long as the keyboard doesn't fail on me, they've stuck a few times and the space bar has given me a few issues, but it seems to have worked it self out so far, I have a year to get them replaced free at least. I'd say my only gripe is soldered in RAM and CPU. I have a 12yr old Acer I upgraded myself and it could be a hackintosh spec wise. For 1350.00 after tax this should be a quad-core with 16Gb of ram with it's own GPU, but I wanted to switch to a...more macbook, I would have had the air for 800.00, but it only had 125Gb SSD, and a slower CPU. If the keyboard craps out before warranty and the replacement keyboard has any issues I'm out. I'll probably go with the 13" air or a Lenovo and hackintosh it. Windows10 or 8 can go blow it out their tail pipe. I'd say I'd use linux but I'm not a command line guy...yet.
  • MaxIzrin reply So when are you changing your channel's name? ... :P Just kidding, I hope you never change and keep you hair, don't listen to HAL 9000, good video :)
  • Powerpuff reply I've been wanting to purchase an iMac for the longest time. Is it worth the heavy price tag?
  • Broomfondle reply I ditched apple over a decade ago & have never regretted it for an instant. All my laptops, tablets & desktops combined cost less than a top spec pro, & all of them outperform all Mac's & are much more usable. People are starting to realise, pretty machines are nice & being a member of an expensive clique is great, but only if their machines outperform the competition, & these days that isn't the case. You are more likely to be mocked for buying Apple products than applauded.
  • hoofed reply I used nothing but Macs from 2001 to 2013. I loved them. Gaming on the Mac was limited but I got to play some good ports from Aspyr and the trade off was worth it for me. Then Tim Cook takes over and neglects the pro market. They lost my confidence and my money. I build my own PCs now. I’m also helping other people, some of whom are pros in the TV, film and music industries, move to Windows too. None of us are happy about moving to Windows but it’s about getting work done and Apple have made it clear that they only care about selling phones and apps in their dollar store. Tim can make all of the promises he likes. He’s done that before and what did we get? An underpowered dustbin and three years of neglect. Goodbye, Apple.
  • 512markdd reply Agreed. My next phone and computer might not be apple
  • c_arnold03 reply Mac's lost me back in the late 90's when they started the iMac series. This doesn't mean I'm a Windows fan either, since I've been using Linux since the early 2000's.
  • mcstacky reply Give it 2 years and everything will be USB-C... Q1 2017 also saw iPhone growth
  • LetsTalkGames reply I think they should just focus on the mobile platform and iPad pro and make that more useful. These days i like more tablet like devices that can be hooked up to a display. I don't think a desktop operating system is the future. By making your mobile operating system the best and most software rich, you win multiple markets at once. That's the way i feel but i don't know about other people, especially long term apple users.
  • racerhomie reply Sorry Dave I am with Apple on this one. The Majority will be OK with an iPad. People who will need it will get the new Mac Pro, next year. Laptops & Desktops are both dying , and giving it less time makes more sense
  • ArtemisWyrm reply I would love to have a MacBook if it wasn't so overpriced
  • denden1088 reply Apple is failing, Microsoft is failing, both in different ways.
  • vanners reply Steve Jobs was Apple. When he left in the late 80s the company did alright for a while, then tanked. Steve was more than a salesman, he had an uncanny ability to see a need that didn't currently exist. His timing was pretty good too: a couple of times he was too early, but even still, following Jobs vision of the future was, on balance, a winning strategy. With him gone I think we will see history repeat itself, but this time without a chance for a comeback. Cook is no Jobs.
  • reduced2ash reply Vidme is not going to do you anything. Go to youtube
  • moistmaster reply Why even bother with Apple when PC has so much more going for it?
  • SoireeGames reply JUST IMAGINE HIS PUBES
  • ThePreppiestMGTOW reply What is Apple, lel? #Android
  • nexxtmediaguide reply If you travells backing ina time machine to pre-tim cook days you will see that the pro market is very demanding and constantly wanting to make the hardwares and OS better. I think the delta between the demands of the pro market which is small and the general consumer market which is huge made the choice clear to Tim Cook-ie Monster. FCP 10 was such a big signal to the pro market that editors working on late night talk shows made their hosts talk about it..., that is a big thing when an editor influences jokes on a late night chat show.....,
  • CaptainObvious reply I always thought apple products were over priced and under powered. I haven't used a apple product since the apple II e.
  • Spearra reply Shit, $1,200+ for a under powered laptop? I much rather invest in a GPD Win since that is nearly at 1/3 the price. Plus its Window based and it can actually run decently powerful games. Oh and it has a USB port so you don't have to deal with the adapter clown fiesta that Apple is partaking in.
  • madel_schmadel reply This is the same company that just banned #ChinaUncensored from its app store in Hong Kong and Taiwan not just because they were afraid of annoying the most genocidal regime in human history but because apple AGREES with the most genocidal regime in human history. As far as I'm concerned, Apple can finish rotting and disappear entirely.
  • Naturenerd1000 reply Windows 10 is just a really good and stable os. And most people use phones. A lot of phones have just gotten better than boring apple phones.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply I like computer modding/control too much to use a mac. But they should definitely get with AMD. Been with AMD since thunderbird
  • GGMethos reply I love the Macbook but Apple dropped the ball lately :(
  • GGMethos reply a computingforever video about computers!
  • Scottobot reply making a dvd/blu-ray/rw burner available would be a good start.
  • CigarBGuitarefx reply I would never use a Mac or Apple product simply because it's overly proprietary. I've never understood the appeal. Back when iPods where a thing, you'd have to buy a $200 MP3 player and you could only use with with their proprietary software. On the other hand, you buy a $50-$100 mp3 player that is probably better (in terms of storage at least) that could be used with any software system. Why complicate things by making it proprietary? This is just an example, an old one, but I imagine that it's not much better today. Linux is better. Nothing is proprietary, all is free (if you use the right distro anyway.)
  • Monk_Tea reply I am done with apple when they tried to charge me 100 dollars for a new screen on my Itouch! you Idouches!.
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