The Legend of Whorra: Reniggings (Part 4)

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  • [ – ] Victor_von_Doom_Jr reply The Legend of Korra is a SJW hitpiece on a beloved franchise.
    • kaczan3 parent reply The original Avatar had positive female characters, so women just came back for more and more and more. That's what they do.
  • mysalsa23 reply "Darker than a single mother household." I died.
  • [ – ] JoiSuv reply nope , nope , nope , nope , the legend of whorra is not canon. btw vidme looks good for a YT alternative
    • Temerity parent reply I'm missing the keyboard shortcuts the I learned for the YT player, but otherwise, yeah, seems really good.
  • NosferatuTodd reply Goddamnit, I tear up when I remember that they completely fucked up TLAA's lore. Fuck Brike
  • [ – ] TheGeckoNinja reply i think the reason i enjoyed it was cause i didnt remember the fine details of how the world of avatar worked and looked at it as its own separate thing that had some connections or references to the original show, like the things you mentioned once you pointed it out made me hate these two guys for fucking it up, not to mention the obvious SJW agenda " we gotta make'em gay" story felt like just took a popular existing story and fucked it up to tell their little tumblr fantasy i dont mind if korra was gay but it was written so badly it was like the last 5 seconds " KORRAS GAY NOW YOU GOTTA DEAL WITH IT!" ...... yeah maybe write it a bit better build up to it dont just shoe horn it in, especially when it makes no sense to call her gay or lesbian this would make her bisexual since she clearly was in love with a male character first, being gay means you never had an attraction to the opposite sex, and ive seen people justify it by saying " there are lesbians who dated men" yeah thats beca...moreuse at these times growing up they thought the normal thing to do was date the opposite sex before they realized " yeaaahhh penis just dont do it for me, i like the puss yo" not to mention they made korra completely unlikable cause she was such a self centered bitch a lot of the time. and i only liked the wons origin story only because it looked like a miyazaki film
    • Unknow0059 parent reply i enjoyed it but i didn't like it much, something felt strange, i just couldn't point at what it was, i'm fucking glad someone pointed it out cuz i wouldn't be able to
  • [ – ] theredraybeam reply So we're going full George Lucas, making shit up about how he 'HAD THE WHOLE THING PLANNED OUT' But never fucking actually did. Also, you claim you quoted Hanlon's Razor, while you actually quoted a variation which is called Heinlein's Razor.
    • EsemicolonR parent reply I tacked "Heinlein" onto it, just in case, but I don't know that this variation is actually his. I researched this beforehand because I was unsure and it appears that the basic quote without the "but don't rule out malice" bit are both attributed to Hanlon and Heinlein--with speculation that Hanlon may be a corruption of Heinlein and claims otherwise. There's even a possibility that the these two gentlemen with eerily similar names wrote nearly identical variations of this sentence at nearly the same time. Freaky, but hey, several folks have written super-similar variations well before. I couldn't find any source from where/on how the addendum bit originated at all, however. Looks made up at this point. But I kept it in regardless because I like it, fuck it, and decided to give Hanlon top-billing.
  • FlumpyTripod reply That Samurai Jack jump good got me.
  • Ultran reply Liking the Beginnings episodes for Korra not being in them much is pretty much correct.
  • [ – ] Unknow0059 reply christ i didn't remember the laser through the planets thing.. must have been too traumatizing
  • T-O-Z reply This was a great vid dude! Your editing puts me to shame, and I love you for it. Keep making quality shit you lovable bastard.
  • [ – ] Thesharpmarksman reply the legend of whorra is not cannon, for me it simply doesn't exist, just like the new shitty SJW star wars films
    • jobot343 parent reply Same here, I wish the writers would come out and say it's all bullshit, which it is. They should have made a mini series on zuko finding his mother, not this piece of shit lol.
  • SuavePuppy reply Your edits are God tier. Toppest of keks
  • Nok1c reply the "trail of tears reenactment" had me crying haha
  • WaywardNerd reply calling what's his face a saturday morning cartoon villain is an insult... to saturday morning cartoon villains. At least those shows usually know they're cheese.
  • Gatze reply i fucking died when the oblivion theme started playing
  • Waysidecomet64 reply I was ready to suck yo dick for this
  • Izardo reply ER reads ShindoL lol
  • Acesahn reply They... they raped it. I had no idea. I knew she was a miserable cunt and didnt watch it cuz I knew I wouldnt enjoy it but I had NO IDEA. I had no idea they'd just MURDER the lore!
  • Ike_Of_Pyke reply My god man, I actually actually want to rewrite this series.
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