Silence - Part 1

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  • Bentley20001978 reply Minx I hope you read this. I wanna say thank you. Without you I wouldn't be able to write this. I was a cutter and suicidal but I found one of your videos 3 years ago and I haven't stopped watching you've me me laugh till my sides hurt you've also made me cry tears of joy. I've been 3 years clean since November 20th and thanks. You are a real hero. You are so amazing and I hate all this bs with YouTube right now. You are amazing and please keep doing what your doing. For I bet I'm not the only one. Minx I wish you krism and pretzel the best and a truly happy ending. Love your biggest fan Megan Aka Bentley20001978. πŸ’™πŸ’™ thanks for everything. πŸ˜€
  • wtfshit reply i hope this site keeps growing and we can all finaly move out of youtube
  • ek2016 reply Excited to see were this channel goes ^^^
  • Marygold reply Honestly, Minx, no matter what you decide to do or where you decide to go, I'll always support your decision. I've been watching and enjoying your content since your first channel on youtube, and you've always been my number 1 favourite youtuber since then. <3
  • rygae reply Excited for the new channel and excited for this game!
  • Mesalira reply Oh my, the first minute into the game and I already started crying.
  • SharkPlaysGames reply WOW! Hey :) Welcome to Vidme :D
  • ButterScotchHusky reply This is a Rather good story so far. I am also happy to support you in your new channel on a new website Minx. i will probably be dropping a 50 on your gamewisp shortly....Christmas is expensive
  • xivory reply looks good!
  • XxSparrowxX reply Minx just watched ur Update about this and i immediately download this... always there for u minx
  • Lofted reply Hey Minx! Keep up the good work ! Biggest fan over here! ^-^
  • ShineyLuna reply HELLO MINX!!! i came here from youtube, i hope your Vidme does well!!! Also i love the videoπŸ˜„
  • epiceh123 reply Maybe Vid.Me will grow? Hi Minx! love your videos!!!!
  • Tai_Moya reply That art style whoa o:
  • Spyhunter330 reply Hey minx. I'm really looking forward to your future content,, I also wanted to know if you will be playing Let It Die a new free survival game on PS4?
  • Dibblidyy reply This site seems good!
  • Crzykid101 reply Like the way the comments are set up
  • MementoMori reply Love ya, Minx
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