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  • [ – ] afitofperpetualawakening reply Well, I have come to my senses, only insofar as I have allowed my self to be awakened, from an ancient slumber. It was in 1989 when I had my first stirring life experience that something was very wrong with certain social endoctrinations which were, and still are, foolish to believe, as well as irresponsible, if not criminal, to knowingly perpetuate among living souls already robbed of identity, and so much more. Some 28 years later, and after going through living hell, I can say with certainty, it all resulted in the ongoing development of a spiritual resonance which allows me to permit my self to be awakened, and which, continually strengthens my resolve to continue onward toward the restoration of mind, body, and soul. My responsibility is to learn, and once fundamentally grasped, I can then rouse others who are ready to be awakened, but who forgot how to do so. I wanted to thank you for these videos, etc. This is tremendous work, and perilous as well. And also, as a note, I hav...moree made my way through the religious establishment over the span of 26 years. In 2005, I came to terms with the fact that even the writings which make up the so called "bible," are only translations, and manipulated translations at that! Coupled with traditions which aren't in any way associated with those writings, nor are they in agreement with the intention of said writings, it would appear that it is a reconciliation of: that which qualifies as actual information for humanity, and the imaginations of dark minds intent on exploiting the energies of mankind in order that their ignoble perversions might prosper forever. I guess Nimrod didn't die, that spirit continues to this day, but not unchallenged. So, my puurpose in this post was not to type any of that, rather, to ask you if I were to send fractional silver as a donation, 1) would you provide me info for mailing please, and, 2) are there any recommended sources of service which can teach me how I can help my self to sever these ties of bondage? They would declare, demand, and insist that I live, serve, and die; bound, ignorant, and afraid. I have other plans...and so does Providence. Any help with direction would be honored with gestures of gratitude beyond saying thank you. Thank you.
    • SovereigntyInternational parent reply You can contact me at As with anything we all need to study things out in our own mind and let our inner guidance direct us. I can say that I was visited 6 years ago by the FBI and the Texas DPS and at that time I was told by them that I am listed as "sovereign" in their system. The material I provide is the material that I used to make that happen. I help slaves free themselves. I could help more slaves free themselves if they knew they were slaves.
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