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Phase Shift: Thunder Dragon - Thunderbass (GP6 version)

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September 9 2017

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== NOTE: I originally uploaded this video at 8:10 PM EDT but I felt like 480p and 1080p would have never processed so I am re-uploading this at 11:30 PM EDT. I'm going to disable all of my Google Chrome plugins and wait to "Publish" video just to make sure everything is processed. EDIT: Actually, it's just that whenever I have Magic Actions for YouTube turn on, my YouTube videos become 720p and 360p, but when they are off, they are 1080p. Why is that? == My 3rd original song and an original song based on Bass Guitar, and this was composed in Guitar Pro 6. There are also Drums and Acoustic Guitar in this song as well but this song mostly focuses on the bass guitar. And this includes BASS SOLOS!!! BASS IT UP!!! Instrumental tracks played in this video (from left to right): Bass, Drums Adv, Dance, Guitar First time doing it in this order, mainly because this is a BASS song. This only took me two days to chart since it only took a few minutes to chart Acoustic Guitar and there was no need to chart Rhythm Guitar or Lead Guitar (but I could have used the rhythm basses and lead basses for them.. Mmm, maybe I should have done that, but oh well!) Game: Phase Shift (v1.27) Developer: DWSK Website: /redirect?event=video_description& Song: "Thunderbass (GP6 version)" by Thunder Dragon Song source: • My official YouTube video: • Soundcloud: /redirect?event=video_description& • Facebook: /redirect?event=video_description& Charter(s): TDPNeji Chart editor(s) used: EOF 1.8RC11 (10-22-2016) - Controller(s)/Track(s)/Difficulty: All are played by the profile "Marvin [BOT]" and none by me. • Rock Band 2 Wireless Fender Stratocaster (Bass - Expert) • Computer keyboard (Drums Adv - Expert+) • Sabrent USB Joystick (Dance - Expert) • DualShock 4 (Guitar - Expert) Download link: • Phase Shift note chart: /redirect?event=video_description& • MP3 only: /redirect?event=video_description& • MP3 + Tabs: /redirect?event=video_description& Recording software used: Open Broadcaster Software My other Phase Shift downloads:

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