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How To Attach Plants To Driftwood & Bogwood

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November 11 2017

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SHOW SOME LOVE: Attaching plants to driftwood & bogwood Attaching plants to driftwood & bogwood is one of the easiest ways to create a natural feel in your aquarium. It is incredibly easy to do yourself and will save you money, as most aquarium shops will charge way over the cost of making them for plants attached to wood or rock. What do you need? Firstly you will need the medium you will be attaching your plants to. This is usually driftwood or bogwood, but can also include rocks. Make sure to cure these first by boiling in a pan of water. This will kill off any nasties in the wood / rock and will also remove tannins and any chemicals. If using rocks make sure they are suitable for use by putting a little bit of vinegar on them, if it fizzes or bubbles do not use it. Which plants? Not all plants are suitable for growing on rock or wood. The most commonly used plants for wood are Anubias spp or Microsorum spp. Other plants which can grow readily on either medium are Bolbitus heudelotii, Pogostomon helferi, Cryptocoryne spp and all of the moss varieties you will find for aquariums. How to attach plants to driftwood & bogwood Decide on the spot of the wood or rock you wish to attach the plant to. Remember to allow space for the plants to grow, so don't bunch them together to densely. Use something to attach them to that area, I recommend you use elastic bands as shown in the video at the top of the page, as these are easy to apply and remove, but you can use cotton thread also. Generally the plants will take around two months the attach fully. Once they are attached you can remove the elastic band or cotton thread. Job done. SUPPORT ME ON PATREON: Facebook: Twitter: ================================================ If you enjoy my videos please like / favorite them and SUBSCRIBE to my channel. There are more to come full of useful tips and tricks for new and experienced fishkeepers. ================================================

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