Universities Are Stocking Men's Bathrooms With Free Tampons

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  • PhoenixRising reply Yep. They make it sound like LGBTQ is a significant portion of society. Shame on the colleges for encouraging this lifestyle. And for cucking to the requests of loudmouth entitled female students. Back in the day the LGBTQ would have be shunned from society all together if not killed.
  • MGTOW_MANINAZI reply I have a theory on this. Straight guys do not needs this. Gay guys have anal sex. The gay guys are using it for anal leakage. Next they will start offering butt plugs for the gays to avoid the smell of crap from their ass. They are trying to make it so their are no longer mens and females bathrooms so the pedos can rape kids in the bathroom.
  • [ – ] Phantomdevil reply If I ever see tampons in the men's room. I will throw them in the trash.
  • icuruok reply NEXT IS BUTT-PLUGS!!!
  • Renegade reply The amount of transphobia here is making me want to go back to YouTube...
  • Verax reply They are an incredibly small portion of the population and a defective one and should be discriminated against.
  • jp9605 reply Cannibalism can't happen? Look at the starvation of the ukraine under Stalinist Russia.
  • Insidio reply Psychic End of Times
  • [ – ] brucestro19 reply How about taking all the tampons and use them for bartering when shtf?
    • Dave8814 parent reply That's a good idea. Its going to be great watching gender studies feminists wither on the vine while maginas.
  • rlewis79 reply This is fucked up
  • KevinXY1989 reply FUCK TRANNY'S!!!
  • KevinXY1989 reply WORK OUT AT HOME!!
  • KevinXY1989 reply IT'S TIME TO DROP OUT!! AND RESIST!!!!
  • First_Last1 reply In the context of sexuality, Queer always meant gay.
  • First_Last1 reply The tampon packages have German writing on them. Where is this supposed to be happening again?
  • Lucifer66_ reply Vidme is a lot better then youtube
  • Lucifer66_ reply Angry i like the layout a lot better..
  • shamkoze reply at least make them 25c to 50c each so the universities can make money
  • Avuki reply Dafq? Why don't they make a separate All sexes bathroom ... Separate from single Gender bathrooms -_- For Fucks Sake.
  • CodeHandLuke reply They probably prepare for the next school shooting, you can use tampons for wound dressing to stop bleeding in a pitched gunfight. https://media.giphy.com/media/d2YVk2ZRuQuqvVlu/giphy.gif
  • John-Goras reply Bloody Disgusting.
  • Dave8814 reply Its nuts that up to 2.5% of the population gets to guide the nations bathroom policies. I find it gross that someone thought this was a good idea to put in the men's room in the first place.
  • Markusooi reply I live in Wisconsin and Madison is one crazy ass town
  • smoothcc reply F**ck it, let's put piss trough in women's bathroom lol. Maybe it's not a bad idea though, I hear there are a alarming amount of manjina's on very "liberal" college campuses.
  • Lucas357 reply LOL fucking love the title of this video man. Fucking hilarious.
  • AItiger reply Truly!, they will look like psychotic idiots from a mental hospital performing live commedy in the future. They"ll look back an wont to ever be associated with that movement they were apart of lMFAO😂😂😂😂😂
  • [ – ] jp9605 reply We're going into a post-apocolyptic world filled with tra-sexual cannibals
    • ArtisMaximus parent reply the sad thing is that's what might actually happen. Though it will probably be more than transsexuals being cannibals.
  • rogmcmil reply When I was about twelve my older sister told me boys have periods too and you have to get these little tampons and put them in your penis. I was thinking like: what, no way that's nuts, I hope the hell not. I knew she was full of shit... The tampons stored in the men's bathroom are probably meant to be thought provoking in some way....
  • Insidio reply Human is lost
  • steamffc reply Free survivalist bandages!
  • Kiruna reply they far left went from appearing to be an unstoppable Juggernaut to being a big joke over the past year. any of the smart women on campus, they will be sending in their boy friends to get all the free tampons. build up a personal stock pile for the lean years ahead.
  • [ – ] jamy2j07 reply First!!! So weird seeing you on vid me bro
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