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  • [ – ] eidojodie reply You have to wonder about what these people who leave weird comments are like in real life hahaha
    • lorieway parent reply seriously! one of the dudes from this video actually messaged me to apologise though lol??? they mustn't be all bad haha
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply I would but you haven't. (now how's that for a comment)
    • [ – ] lorieway parent reply excuse me?
      • [ – ] JustABloke parent reply Cripes I have no idea why I said that, ah I remember I just wanted to make a comment that made absolutely no sense. Anyways what's your thoughts on the subscription feature 🤔
        • [ – ] lorieway parent reply you achieved it, i was confused hahaha. it certainly is a good thing imo! i don't use it on tbh because even though i post here, it was more of a trial thing. i mostly watch on youtube! as that's where my friends primarily post. i'm guilty of ignoring the sub box though, the stuff on the front page gets me every time aaaaah
          • JustABloke parent reply Well I would definitely subscribe, I really like your creativity, wit, sarcasm, everything a great comic is, and you're natural at it. There is no harm in using the feature, it just might surprise you. I will always support great YouTubers, thats a given 🙂 I've got good friends on there.
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