Animated Atrocities #135 Little Clowns of Happytown

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  • pokematic reply Hi Mr. Enter, found you from the deviantart post. Sorry to hear about the crappy way YT is treating you. Happy reviewing (or maybe unhappy with atrocities lol)
  • brandon_roberts reply 1. your jabs at youtubes ad systems is hilarious and accurate, 2. as a disabled person i agree with you.
  • TheHentaiMan reply Wait, Japan doesn't have any fair use laws? What a load of fucking bullshit.
  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply Clever satire of YouTube in this review, and just be glad that you aren't reviewing Love Hina, Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan, The Violence Jack OVAs, Genocyber, or Roots Search.
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