The New Rosa Parks: White Photographer Refuses to Move to Back of Venue Due to Whiteness

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  • Cynical-Bastard reply Fucking Canada..."The photographer was racist!" NO. He was the ANTIRACIST.
  • [ – ] Wolfskinz reply Fuck Canada anyway
  • Stuntman_Mike reply I was going to bail out early on this video because I didn’t think there was enough content to justify the timespan; but I’m glad that I stayed around. Starting @ 8:10 or so, you described the way I feel exactly. I can’t believe the friends I’ve lost as my friends who I thought were liberal are actually anything but liberal.
  • HadesXY reply preferring a group of people leads to envy, envy is followed by hate (imho the reason why it is a deadly sin, not because some sky wizard doesn't like it) good job, you cause what you try to prevent
  • [ – ] scaramanga reply The photographer was a volunteer for the venue, the venue's facebook statement said as much.
  • PsychedelicBadger reply >insert Scarface quote regarding Colombians here<
  • squidbilly reply Everything those people say they're against, they do. It's the equivalent arguing to a closet door.
  • nezitic321 reply I've been noticing when trying to have a rational conversation with some of these folks using the racist card, how they like to push narrative that you can't be racist against whites, only prejudice.
  • thehfgman reply In case she didn't know a large percentage of people living in South America are considered white ethnically.
  • floreancig reply We are descending into insanity. Why do we want our culture descend in this direction? Why do we want to sow division and distrust where these curses were fading? It almost seems that we have people intentionally trying to undermine the social fabric.
  • macrox6 reply The tables have turned. The left has turned into the evil it was saving us back then.
  • MGTOWLIFE reply I run around with my wang out and poop in the woods. Boys I am telling you the secret to happiness these days is to completely ignore modern society and pursue your own interests.
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